If you want to get started on your offshore plans right away…

If you want to diversify outside your home country… outside of the U.S. dollar… and need an immediate strategy to get started, tailored to your personal circumstances…

Then I urge you to join me for a series of special sessions taking place in Panama City on the weekend of Sept. 23 and Sept 24, 2023.

Right after my Offshore Wealth Summit, which takes place earlier that week, I’m hosting an exclusive weekend for 10 readers only.

You can be one of them…

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Lief Simon’s

I’m the first to admit: “going offshore” can involve complicated stuff.

How to get residency (or citizenship) in another country… offshore banking… knowing the right corporate structures to protect your interests…

There are a lot of ways to get “offshore diversification” wrong—and that can cost you precious time and money.

Here’s what I mean…

At one Live And Invest Overseas conference, an attendee proudly commented that he had already taken several key steps toward internationalizing his life.

He had a bank account in Panama… had made real estate investments in Panama… had actually moved to Panama… and was on his way to a Panamanian passport.

On one hand, great.

On the other… not so fast. While this guy has indeed moved his wealth and life outside North America… He hasn’t diversified his life or his finances. He’s simply moved them both from his home country to Panama.

Now, instead of being completely at the mercy of the goings-on in the United States—from its economy and currency to its political situation—he’s in the same vulnerable position in Panama.

Another example…

Years ago, a real estate investor came up to me at a conference to boast that he had diversified his real estate portfolio overseas.

He told me that he had sold all of his U.S. real estate, which had been a sizable portfolio, and bought a bunch of properties in Nicaragua.

This guy hadn’t diversified either. Again, he’d simply moved all of his real estate risk from one country to another. Now he was completely exposed to whatever might come to pass in Nicaragua that could affect his wealth.

Here’s an even more basic example…

I’m reminded of a woman who approached me at a conference to tell me that, five years prior, she had made a trip to Panama and set up a corporation through a local attorney.

“Why did you do that?” I asked her.

The sweet, smiling, older lady looked up at me confused. It was as though she’d never considered the question before that moment.

And, indeed, she had not.

She’d opened the Panama company, she finally admitted, because a friend had insisted she needed one. Everyone should have an offshore corporation, right?


Five years later, the nice lady who came to me for advice at the conference hadn’t done anything with her corporation and wondered how much longer she should continue paying the annual fees to keep it alive.

A Panamanian corporation might make sense for me. It might make sense for you. But did it make sense for this lady? I asked a few questions and concluded that, no, it did not.

I told her to stop paying the associated fees and let the company die. The money she’d already invested in setting up and maintaining the structure was lost.

The important lesson here is: You need a diversification plan that makes sense for you.

If you are new to the offshore world and need to figure out your first steps, then I urge you to attend the Offshore Wealth Summit before you apply for my Executive Program.

But if you already have some idea of what you’d like to accomplish offshore, and you need a personal plan to get started…

If you want to work with me—and my team—personally, one-on-one, to create an individualized, tailor-made plan for your life situation…

I’m making myself available on Saturday, Sept. 23 and Sunday, Sept. 24, for exactly this purpose.

Join me over those two days for Lief Simon’s Executive Program, and you’ll have face-to-face, one-on-one time with me, and a select number of experts, to personally discuss your plans.

You’ll get everything you need to get started right away—a step-by-step blueprint for your own circumstances and situation.

You’ll also enjoy a number of extra perks and “executive level” opportunities.

More on that in a moment…

But first, I want to talk about what exactly you can expect from the weekend, and why exactly I’m doing this.


This Executive Program isn’t for everybody.

The whole point of my Executive Program is to provide one-on-one time for you to speak directly with the experts—give you as much time as you need—so we can help you create your personal plan.

I can only make this program available to a very select group …

To ensure every Executive Program member gets the time they need with me (and my colleagues), I’m limiting this group to just 10 attendees.

You can be one of them. But hurry, because places will fill up fast.

Yes, I want to attend the Executive Program

The best way—in fact, the only way—I’m going to help you figure out your offshore diversification plan is to meet in person.

And, of course, I want to allow plenty of time to get to know you and understand your background—so we can come up with an action plan that’s completely tailored to your needs.

That’s why I’ve decided to host this  Executive Program, exclusive to 10 attendees only.

This weekend-long private event—which I’ve scheduled for Sept. 23–24, 2023, in Panama City—will give you one-on-one access to my expert team.

You could look at this weekend as your “c-suite-level” program for creating wealth and protecting your wealth overseas. That’s why I call it my Executive Program.

As a member of our “c-suite,” you’ll work directly with me and my top team—to create an offshore blueprint matched exactly to your interests…

We’ll have a lot of ground to cover.

But, because I’m limiting access to just you and other like-minded “executive-level” readers, we’ll be able to arrange private sessions to focus on what’s important to you… and lay solid foundations for your offshore lifestyle.

We’re still working on the final details of this special private program, but, essentially, here’s how we’re going to structure things…

  • We’ll get to know you. We may have met before, of course. But whether it’s our first or fifth time together, Kathleen and I will welcome you to a rum tasting at an exclusive venue in Panama City. This welcome reception will provide us with the relaxed setting we need to warm up for the rest of the weekend.
  • We’ll schedule one-on-one consulting sessions. Over the next two days, you’ll have a timetable to meet with me and my team. This is where we’ll have our pencils and paper out, to make a note of your wishes, your needs, and any preferences you may have. We can talk through these with you and suggest options that deserve your further investigation… as well as highlighting things you should avoid.

  • We’ll give you your roadmap. I’ll give you a personalized plan for what you can do—how you can get started right away. I’ll also let you know any actions I and my team can take to keep things moving for you…

The best way for us to create your personal plan is to spend time together—in person.

You don’t have to be a millionaire to take up the idea of banking, doing business, or investing offshore.

There are different levels to this game.

Only you will know what makes sense for your circumstances and what’s within your comfort zone… When we speak in person, I’ll help you work it out.

This stuff takes some figuring out… I want to help you figure out the right plan for you.

My Executive Program is the only place where you can get two full days of access to me and my team to work with you personally on your plans.

We’ll get to know you… we’ll discuss the right moves for your personal situation… and, I guarantee: You’ll have fun doing it.

Yes, I want to attend the Executive Program
Remember, attendance is limited to just 10 members. So act now.

I guarantee that this exclusive, elite program will give you a personal plan for success.

When you complete the program, you’ll know exactly the right next steps, for you personally, because we’ll come up with them together—one-on-one.

If you’re serious about diversifying beyond your home country, its currency, and its markets… if you’re eager to make a plan sooner rather than later… this program is for you.

Yes, I want to attend the Executive Program
Kathleen and I will welcome you on the first day—and we’ll be on hand all weekend… both for personal-consulting sessions and to answer any questions that may come up (even over lunch or dinner).

We’ll also have our team of experts, each of them movers and shakers in their own field—who’ll offer their help and support as you need them…

I’ve organized exclusive presentations and special guests (I hope you’ll understand that, since this is an exclusive private event, the exact schedule will only be revealed to attendees).

But don’t get me wrong—Kathleen and I and our expert team won’t be the ones calling the shots. We’ll work with you, in a close partnership, to first and foremost understand your needs. (We’ve got tried-and-tested checklists and questionnaires we can use to help us get down to business quickly.)

And from there, we’ll present you with a roadmap of everything you need to do… and the order it needs to happen in… broken down baby step by baby step…

As you’ll appreciate, our schedules are full and we can’t often fit in a whole weekend like this. Certainly not all of us together in one place. And certainly not to all of our readership. We want to give this personalized service to the people who want it most. And, critically, we need to allow you all the time you deserve. That’s why I must cap participation at 10 guests.

Now, for a program like this, I could easily charge US$10k…

After all, you are getting direct access to professionals—including me—who typically charge hundreds of dollars per hour each for personal consultations.

Add up my time alone—16 hours of private access over Saturday and Sunday—and most people would be looking at US$7,200 according to my US$450 an hour rate…

But that’d be just for my time—it doesn’t include the several other attorneys, bankers, and other experts I’m going to introduce you to..

Add in the fact that we’re providing you service face-to-face, in person—not on Zoom or over the phone—and admittance of several thousands of dollars would be actually be a bargain…

But I’m not going to charge anything like US$7,000 for this event.

In fact, sign up today and you’ll pay just US$7,000 US$1495

You can also bring a guest for HALF price, bringing the cost per person down to just US$1121.

This is the best value you’re ever likely to get for consulting time anywhere…

Yes, I want to attend the Executive Program
Remember, the Offshore Wealth Summit Executive Program includes…
At least 16 hours of private consulting time with me, Kathleen Peddicord, and half a dozen attorneys, bankers, and wealth advisors…
wine tasting and gourmet dinner with my team and your fellow Executive Program members…
Contact information for every expert in the room…
Exclusive, personalized presentations 
Join the Executive Program, and we’ll work together so you know how to use those tools for the best benefit in your own life…

See you in Panama,
Lief Simon
Director, Offshore Wealth Executive Program

P.S. One last time: only 10 attendees will be granted access—please do not delay. Order now…

You’ll hear from our VIP Services Concierge within 48 hours to begin assisting you in preparation for travel and the event, as well as anything else you might need for the entire experience…

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