Discover The
#1 Overseas Retirement Haven In Latin America
This do-everything haven is a top destination for retirees, investors, digital nomads, and entrepreneurs…
You can live well near the beach on less than US$1,000 a month…
This is also a tax haven. As a foreign resident, you can pay zero local tax… and you can operate your business here tax-free, too…
This country boasts the best infrastructure—and the fastest internet (fiber optics) in the region…
Out of anywhere in the world, Live and Invest Overseas chose to base ourselves here—we know it better as an expat haven than anyone else…
Dear Live and Invest Overseas Reader,

“In 2013 my wife Carolyn and I decided we needed a change. Our lives in Hawaii were stalled.” Dusty Tubbs explains.

“We began researching options online and, the more we looked, the more excited we got about options overseas.

“We considered Costa Rica… then ruled it out when we learned that they’d abolished their retiree program.

“Looking at the map, Panama jumped out next as our ideal replacement destination.

“Its location was a big draw. It’s so accessible from the United States, but, unlike other warm and welcoming countries we could have chosen, it doesn’t get hurricanes.

“We arrived in Panama for the first time for what amounted to practical reasons. Once here, though, it was love at first sight. We were won over immediately by the country and by the people.

“We knew after our first visit that we wanted to make Panama our home. It was everything we were looking for retirement living—beautiful beaches, a warm climate, lush mountainous terrain (that remind us of the Hobbit movies), and a large and vibrant expat community.

“We shopped around… considered many coastal options in Panama… but nothing fit us the way this spot on the Pacific fit us. Affordability was a key factor.
“Now, more than seven years later, we are settled into our custom-built home. We never could have afforded the life we’re living here in Panama back in the States.

We’re here now indefinitely.

“Back in Hawaii, we were struggling to get by and to make ends meet.

“Here, we’re living very comfortably and well off just our pensions. Why in the world would we want to go back?

“Saving 75% of our daily cost of living in the States, we have been able to afford to travel to countries we only dreamed about before.

“Now, we look forward to wonderful years ahead building sand castles on our beach, helping baby turtles find their way back into the ocean, and being warm all the time.

“We’re embarking on a whole new chapter. And having the adventure of our lives.”

Dusty And Carolyn Found Happiness Here…
And I Bet That You Could Too—Just Like Me And Thousands Of Other Folks
At home in Panama, some of the world’s most beautiful beaches
would be on your doorstep…
Dusty and Carolyn’s story is inspiring and exciting… but it’s not unique.

Indeed, Panama today is home to many thousands of folks who’ve taken the leap and reinvented their lives for the better in this land of sunshine and ocean breezes.

I should know, I’m one of them.

In fact, I’ve been making this case for more than 20 years, and I’m writing today to tell you that I’m more bullish on the opportunities and upsides on offer in Panama—for both fun and profit—than ever before.

Bottom line, if you are in the market right now for a place to live well, retire better, invest, own property, or do business overseas…

I’d say you’re doing yourself a big disservice if you aren’t looking closely at this little country at the hub of the Americas.
How Can A Country This Size Continue To 
Bring So Much To The Table?
If you’re a Live and Invest Overseas reader, you’ve almost certainly heard us go on about Panama…

After all, out of all of the places in the world we could have chosen, we decided on Panama as our base of operations.

We know Panama from a foreigner’s point of view like nobody else…

As I mentioned, I’ve been spending time and doing business in this country for more than 20 years… and I’ve been living and operating my business here full-time for more than 10.

Here in Panama, over the past nearly-three decades, we’ve bought pre-construction for investment and centuries-old French-colonial for renovation…

We’ve invested in raw land… both oceanfront and riverside… and commercial rentals…

We’ve started businesses, formed corporations, and opened bank accounts…

We’ve acquired full-time residency through one of the country’s many visa options…

We’ve hired staff, shipped household belongings, put our son through school, sourced architects and carpenters, paid local utility bills, researched which health insurance plan makes most sense for our family, bought cars (because finally we’d had enough of dealing with Panama City taxi drivers!), gotten local driver’s licenses, even started a local franchise (a family project)…

And our personal experiences in this tropical haven are only the beginning of what we bring to the table for this conversation.

Spending time and money in Panama as we have all these years, we’ve gotten to know everyone you’d want to know if you were thinking about following in our footsteps…

Our circle of Panama friends, expats, and advisors is extensive.

And, really, it’s not just me… you need to take advantage of all of us and all of our hard-won wisdom…

That is, to determine if Panama makes sense for your new life overseas, you need multiple perspectives.

Plus, you need experienced, professional counsel when it comes to things like taxes, banking, trusts, corporations, residency requirements, investor incentives, insurance…

My rolodex includes our trusted personal advisors, people you can count on to help you accomplish whatever you’re hoping to accomplish in this country safely and efficiently.

Better yet, I’d like you to meet my entire inner circle…

But more on that in just a minute.

 Panama is a little country that packs a big punch. It is: 
Home to more than 940 species of birds as well as 220 mammals and 354 reptiles and amphibians… from howler monkeys to caimans, from tiger cats to turtles, from ocelots to crocodiles, and from pelicans and toucans to king crabs and iguanas… plus the Central American tapir, the American crocodile, the scarlet macaw, many species of eagle, humpback whales, dolphins, and hammerhead sharks…
Blessed with two long coasts and myriad sand-fringed islands, plus some of the best deep-sea fishing, surfing, snorkeling, and scuba diving anywhere. Around its Coiba island lies the largest coral reef on the Pacific side of the Americas…
A U.S.-dollar jurisdiction—that is to say, Panama has been using the U.S. dollar as its currency for about 100 years…
An established medical tourism destination and home to the Johns Hopkins-affiliated Punta Pacífica Hospital in Panama City…
Home to both World Heritage Sites (Casco Viejo, Old Panama, and the forts of San Lorenzo and Portobelo) and UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site (the province of Darién, Coiba National Park, and the La Amistad Reserve)…
Because of its unique geographical position, Panama harbors a greater diversity of wildlife than any other country in Central America. A natural land bridge connecting the two continents, Panama is home to both North and South American species of wildlife. About 29% of the country’s land area is protected in 14 national parks, more than a dozen forest reserves, and 10 wildlife refuges…
The biggest international banking center in the region…
Without question, the best place anywhere in the world today to start a business (that’s why we moved here from France)…
One of the few Latin markets where it’s possible for you, as a foreigner, to borrow locally to buy real estate…
Home to more than two-dozen international schools
One of the world’s true tax havens, a place where you can live and do business tax-free…
What’s So Special About Panama?
We believe in real estate as the best asset you can hold to protect and grow your wealth…

Panama is our #1 property market in Latin America.

Other former property markets worldwide imploded during the Great Recession.

Why didn’t Panama fall to the same fate?

I can identify four reasons:

  1. This market was not made and is not supported by Americans, at least not 100%. This market was also made by South Americans, Asians, and other Latino investors looking for safe haven for their capital. Panama continues to offer this, certainly relative to other regional options…

  2. Panama is not only a safe haven for worried investors from less free markets, it’s also the top doing-business haven in this part of the world. Big international firms (more than 40 of them, including Dell, 3M, Procter & Gamble, Caterpillar) have targeted this country, especially Panama City’s Panama Pacífico international business park located at the former Howard Air Force Base…

  3. Panama’s own infrastructure improvement projects (such as the Panama Canal expansion project… the Cinta Costera Panama City-center thoroughfare… the Panama City metro expansion… and the nearly doubling in size of the already bigger-than-any-other-airport-in-the-region Tocumen International) have required a big and ongoing influx of foreign labor. This foreign labor population is an important and expanding piece of this country’s economy…

  4. Meantime, the middle class in this country is exploding in size, creating ever-expanding local markets…

The trouble is, as you may have figured out already:

My Rallying Recommendation
Gets You Only So Far
Pretty photos and internet research will only get you so far…

You can’t determine whether or not Panama makes sense for you as a place until you hear from those who have gone before you…

Until you get the real-deal, honest feedback without the marketing hype.

Better yet, instead of being told everything, you’ll want to ask your own questions so that you get not only the right information, but the relevant advice as well.

You don’t want to run around from banker to attorney… from developer to owner… from agent to broker… from tax advisor to insurance salesman… from visa specialist to customs agent… back to the banker… back to the attorney…

You don’t want to stand in lines… struggle with the language… wait hours for appointments with the wrong people…

You don’t want to wonder if you’re getting a good price… if you’re being presented with all the options…

No, there’s no reason at all to subject yourself to that torture.

Especially when you have a far superior alternative… presenting:

 How Much Does It Cost To Live In Panama? 

The truth?

There’s no answer to this question… at least no one-size-fits-all answer.

A couple could live comfortably in parts of this country on as little as US$820 a month, perhaps less.

Of course, you could also spend a whole lot more than that…

Especially in Panama City…

The best news about life in Panama’s capital can be that this is the only place in the entire region where a bona fide luxury-level lifestyle is available. In today’s Panama City you can embrace penthouse living and all the comforts, conveniences, and amenities typically associated with that way of life…

For a fraction the cost of a comparable standard of living in any U.S. city.

Together, during our Live and Invest in Panama Conference, we’ll walk through a series of budgets, from very modest to fully loaded, each one realistic and based on real-world experience…

So you can make an informed decision both about what it would cost you to live in Panama…

And exactly what that monthly spending would buy you.

Join me and our top Panama contacts and resources for two-and-a-half days during which you’ll get to know Panama’s best places to live—”thin sliced” to exact places that could be your personal piece of paradise in the tropics.

The event will give you a comprehensive, in-depth view of Panama that outsiders and tourists simply don’t know.

Our Live and Invest in Panama Conference has three major objectives:

#1: To help you find out if Panama could be the place for you

#2: To show you where in Panama, specifically, you should live or invest

#3: To give you the knowledge, support, and contacts necessary to make any move with confidence—that is, to create a plan

Find the security that comes with knowing exactly how you can live—comfortably—on a budget that starts around US$820 a month.
Get to know each of your best options for living well in Panama… the cosmopolitan capital city, the laid-back Caribbean side, or the ever-popular Pacific coast…
Discover where you can tap into affordable health care, with excellent facilities and English-speaking doctors…
Find out how you can save thousands—tens of thousands—by buying properties in the right, off-the-radar places…
See examples of comfortable apartments you can rent for less than US$400 per month…
Learn where the biggest and most developed expat havens are in the country… and hear directly from current retirees about their experiences living here as a foreigner…

Whatever your agenda, you’ll end the event prepared and confident, with all of the practical matters at your fingertips…

From residency to taxes, from banking to real estate, you’ll leave this conference ready to take action.

And, most important, you’ll benefit from the experience of those who have gone before you. At this conference you’ll hear from seasoned expats who were once in your shoes.

This has long been one of our most popular events over the past 13 years…

Join us, live and in person, for our 2024 Live and Invest in Panama  Conference.

Thank You For All Your Advice…

You have not disappointed us in any way. We attended one of your conferences three years ago about Panama and am very happy to tell you we followed your advice and have been living in Coronado Panama for over two years now… It has been an adventure and a thrill to live a beautiful foreign country and live the life we worked so hard to attain. Thank you for all your advice and the information.

‐‐Paul and Sandi Mayhew

Experience It Live…
Then Get Lifetime Access
To ALL Of The Information
Your registration today gets you more than just interactive access to the event, our experts, and all of their insights…

We’ll be recording everything—every data sheet, every checklist, every discussion, every panel debate, and every bit of information.

We’ll edit, organize, and package it all into a high-definition video program that you can download or access online whenever and from wherever you want…

We’ll even add in some e-books for quick and easy reference.

I Would Do This Again In A Heartbeat!

I so enjoyed my week in Panama. Thanks Kathleen and Lief for a fabulous conference and the exposure to investments I would otherwise never have had. The price of the conference is well worth the education and investment opportunity. I loved Panama! I would do this again in a heartbeat!

‐‐Karen M., Unites States

Here’s How To Leverage Decades Of
My Experience
Living And Investing
In Panama…
How exactly can you get a leg up from my experience living here?

Well, all those years of experience… all those contacts and resources… and all those community connections?

I’ll be bringing all that—and then some—to the table over the three days of our Live and Invest in Panama Conference.
After three decades living and investing here, we’ve developed an unmatched inner circle of experts…
I’ve put out a call to my inner circle…

And I’m pleased to report that they’ve all responded enthusiastically in the affirmative.

They are ready for action. They’re ready to help you.

With their help, we’ve put together an A+ program.

Join us in Panama, and you’ll learn everything you need to know about residency and taxesbank accounts and corporations
holding structures and health insuranceshipping your goods and bringing your petsemployment opportunities (these are limited) and entrepreneurial options (these are not)…

Bottom line, you’ll meet everyone you’ll need to know to launch your new life in Panama.

We’re opening our personal Rolodex for this event…

At our Live and Invest in Panama Conference, we’ll introduce you to:
The #1 Legal Resource in Panama:
 Roberto Guardia 
Roberto is our personal attorney, the one who’s by our side for every real estate purchase, every visa application, every bank account, every corporation, and every contract.

Roberto was born and raised in Panama. He knows Panama law, and he understands the current Panama market. He knows the players. He knows what to look for in developer sales agreements and what to demand in pre-construction contacts.
He (and his top-notch staff) know their way around the immigration office… and understand the advantages and the downsides to every one of this country’s more than a dozen visa options.
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Shaunette Bailey
Full-Time Panama Expat
As an educator, writer, traveler, mother, sister and friend, Shaunette, an expatriate from Jamaica found her second home in Panama. She met her husband and started her journey of building a life for herself and her family in the Central American country where she enjoys nature and outdoor activities. She also loves reading and participating in cultural activities.
Due to Panama’s status as the hub of the Americas, Shaunette has been able to work with various international and national organizations which has brought about immeasurable growth professionally.
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The #1 Resource for Investing in Panama:
 Lief Simon 
Real Estate Investor, Consultant, And Developer
Lief Simon has lived and worked on 5 continents and traveled to more than 60 countries.

He has personally bought and sold property in 23 countries.

Lief made his first Panama purchase 20 years ago and continues shopping and buying today.
In that time, he’s covered every corner of this country. Lief knows where to buy now and how much to spend. He knows the pitfalls and the caveats and how to avoid them all. If your Panama agenda includes any real estate component, this is the man you want to speak with.

Over the days of our 2024 Live and Invest in Panama Conference… you’ll have the chance to do just that.
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The #1 Resource for Insurance in Panama:
 Gonzalo de la Guardia  
Licensed Broker, ADG Seguros
Gonzalo de la Guardia is your one-stop resource for all your Panama insurance needs. Gonzalo has been helping expats in this country shop for insurance for more than 35 years. He understands your concerns and needs, and he’s well familiar with all the options.

Health insurance may be one of your biggest concerns as you prepare to make a move overseas. Gonzalo understands that and is ready to answer all your questions.
In addition, though, he’s also the most knowledgeable and experienced source of information and advice you’re going to find in this country on title, automobile, fire, homeowners, and life insurance. Gonzalo can help you understand the costs and the product options in each case and make the most informed decision to suit your personal circumstances.

Again, you’ll have the opportunity to speak directly with Gonzalo and to have your particular insurance questions and concerns addressed.
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 Dusty Tubbs 
Full-Time Panama Expat
With over 30 years’ experience of globetrotting, courtesy of the U.S. Navy, Dusty decided it was time for a change. Retiring from the Navy, Dusty next became a professor for the Ventura Community College District before going to work with a big box retailer.
Repositioning to Hawaii he anticipated living out his retirement years in paradise. The downturn in the economy prompted Dusty and his wife Carolyn to seek new opportunities and new adventures overseas. In 2013 they became full-time adventure seekers residing in Chitré, Panama.
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 Liz Larroquette
Panama Property Expert, Empresas Bern
Liz is one of the most successful real estate executives in Panama with more than 13 years’ experience.

She is also a lifestyle expert posting regular blogs on her website,, about living and thriving in her adopted country of Panama.
An Australian by birth, educated at university, Liz began her career in tourism in Latin America. Her writings are trusted and read by thousands of individuals considering moving to or investing in Panama.
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The #1 Resource For Living and retiring in Panama:
 Kathleen Peddicord 
Founding Publisher,
Live and Invest Overseas

My name is Kathleen Peddicord.

I’ve been covering this beat, researching, writing, speaking, and presenting on the opportunities for living, retiring, and investing overseas, for more than three decades.
I have moved children, staff, enterprises, household goods, and pets from the East Coast of the United States first to Waterford, Ireland… then to Paris, France… next to Panama City, Panama… and, most recently, we’ve flipped the switch to a new stage of our lives that has us moving around the world regularly with Paris and Panama City as complementary home bases.

I have traveled to more than 75 countries, invested in real estate in 23, established businesses in 7, and renovated historic properties in 6. I’ve written seven books (including “How To Retire Overseas” and “How To Buy Real Estate Overseas” published by Penguin and Wiley, respectively).

I’ve also appeared dozens of times on television and radio (everything from Bloomberg and CNBC to Fox News and the Regis Philbin Show), detailing opportunities for living, retiring, and investing all around the world.

In other words, I know what I’m talking about… and I am keen to help you discover your new life here in Panama.
In Addition, Over The Course Of This Conference,
 You’ll Also Meet And Hear From:
Representatives from our recommended local banks
Our preferred local shipping and logistics firm… so you can get answers to all your questions on what to do with all of your stuff (including your car and pets)…
Doctors and medical professionals from the top local hospitals and health care facilities…
Our favorite Spanish-language teachers
Our recommended local real estate agents (with long experience helping foreigners buy property in this country)…
Expat-entrepreneurs running successful businesses that are funding their Panama adventures…
Current expats and retirees who made the move from North America and Europe… people who have made plenty of mistakes but have also enjoyed great success here…
Plus, at our Live and Invest in Panama event, we’ll also introduce you to the people behind the most appealing property developments on offer in the most appealing regions of this beautiful country… from Panama City to the city beaches… from the highlands to the glorious Pacific coast… and from the country’s white sand-fringed Caribbean coast to our favorite little beach towns…
We can show you where and how to find your new home in Panama—and to get the best deal…
One problem with Panama is that you’re spoiled for choice. Panama City’s, especially, is a mature real estate market. How do you choose among all the options for city living?

And which beach communities make most sense for you given your personal preferences, priorities, and budget?

We’ve been scouting, researching, and performing due diligence on renting and buying for more than a dozen years.

We know who’s doing what… and who’s doing something he shouldn’t be doing.

We know who is building dream homes by the beach and who’s the subject of serial horror stories.

So, who do we want to recommend?

We understand that every speaker and exhibitor we introduce to you comes with our implied endorsement.

We don’t take that lightly. Our reputation is everything. We want you to be wowed by the quality of this event…

We’re in this for the long haul with you.

But the same can’t be said for all the real estate developers in this part of the world…

We’re careful, because we’ve learned we’ve got to be. That’s why, for this event, we’re inviting but a handful of developers.

These are the guys we want you to know, for theirs are the development projects worth your attention… and your investment.

 In Panama, You Could Indulge Your Favorite Hobby… 
“Kathleen, I moved to Panama 12 years ago because I like gardening and wanted to live in a place where gardening is possible year-round without worrying about frost.
“Here in the highlands of Chiriquí, we have very rich black volcanic soil, and it is cool enough here to grow many temperate plants, yet it is frost-free.

“Gardening is one of the most popular hobbies in the United States, especially among retirees, and a reason to move to Panama. If you move to a foreign country with an interesting hobby, it helps to keep you from becoming bored and dissatisfied with your choice.
“In addition to gardening, birding is very popular in Panama, as there is an unusually large number of species of birds living here…”

–Robert G., Happily Retired to Panama for 12 Years

You Have Made A Lot of DreamsCome True

Thank you for all your hard work. You have made a lot of dreams come true. I am always telling people about you and how you started your publications years ago. In fact, I just today told my banker about how honest and smart you are, letting us know where to go. Wish I had listened to you more years ago…

‐‐Marlene M., United States

Where Should You Buy For Investment In Panama Today?
Panama is one of the fastest-moving property markets on the planet.

No, that’s not true. Panama is many property markets… and they’re all shifting so fast right now it can make your head spin.

How do you keep your wits about you… buy smart… and come out on top?

More to the point: Where do you look to buy in the first place?

Lief Simon and our other in-country Panama property experts will tell you. Join us in Panama to find out…
Is this the time to buy in Panama City?
How much should you pay for farmland? Where should you buy? And what might you best grow?
What’s the best investment in the country right now overall?
Is pre-construction still smart?
What about these hotel-condos?
Most up-and-coming region?
Where will the expanded international airport terminal go?
Where else might you front-run the infrastructure?
Panama’s Next Big Thing? We believe we’ve found it…
Best buy on undeveloped beachfront?
Best condo buy for 2024?
No hype, no baloney…

Have all of your property questions answered at the Live and Invest in Panama Conference…

Experience, Knowledge, And Competence Are Top-Shelf

The level of experience, knowledge, and competence is top-shelf. Primarily, I appreciated the sincere and honest approach of the organizers and all the presenters, as well as the obvious desire to give participants complete, accurate, timely, and appropriate information and to answer questions thoroughly.

‐‐Andrew F., United States

14 Reasons Panama Is The
World’s Top Retirement Havens
#1: The cost of living is affordable. Outside Panama City, it remains downright cheap. You could retire to the beach in Las Tablas, for example, on the country’s Azuero Peninsula, on a budget of US$1,000 per month or even less
#2: The sun shines year-round. Panama City can be too hot and sticky for some retirees’ tastes, but, again, look beyond the capital, and you find pockets of near-perfect climates in some regions. If you prefer cool mountain temperatures to steamy sea-level ones, consider Boquete or, less discovered and therefore more affordable, Santa Fe…
#3: The retirees’ path is well-worn. This country has been attracting foreign retirees in growing numbers for more than a decade. It offers many and very user-friendly options for establishing foreign residency if you want to live here full-time, and it is home to established and welcoming communities of expats and retirees.
#4: You can get by without speaking Spanish. I don’t recommend it, but, in Panama City, you don’t have to learn to speak Spanish if you don’t want to.
#5: Health care in Panama is of an international standard, and Panama City is home to Hospital Punta Pacífica, the only hospital in Latin America affiliated with and managed by Johns Hopkins Medicine International.
#6: The cost of medical care is a bargain. Like everything, medical costs are higher in Panama City than elsewhere in the country, but, even in the capital, a doctor’s visit costs US$50 or less.
#7: Local Panama health insurance (which can be good, comprehensive coverage, all you need living in this country) can cost US$100 per month or less

#8: The infrastructure is of a high standard. This is a place where things generally work—the internet, cable TV, phone service, etc., are all as reliable as anywhere in the States. The roadways and highway systems are being constantly expanded and improved. ATMs are on every corner.
#9: The currency in Panama is the U.S. dollar, so U.S. retirees have no currency-exchange risk or confusion to worry about.

#10: Panama City is an international travel hub, very accessible from North America. The flight from Miami, for example, is about two-and-a-half hours.
#11: Panama’s pensionado program of special benefits and discounts for foreign retirees is the current Gold Standard. Retired in this country, you can save as much as 50% on everything from restaurant meals to in-country airfares, from prescription medicines to closing costs on your new beach house.
#12: This is a nature-lover’s paradise, boasting some of the world’s best surfing, snorkeling, diving, sportfishing, birding, hiking, and adventure-travel opportunities anywhere on earth.

#13: This is a safe, welcoming place to call home.
#14: Retirees you meet in Panama aren’t losing sleep over their futures. They’re embracing them.

Sophisticated And Thoughtful”

I have to say that you seem to dig deeper into the feel of a particular place and to do comparative analysis between alternative places. Your approach is more sophisticated and thoughtful and therefore more useful than that of other information sources covering these same subjects.

‐‐John W., United States

If All These Folks Could Do It,
You Can Do It Too!
Who else will you meet at our Live and Invest in Panama Conference?
Others just like you who’ve already made the move:

Expats already living, investing, or doing business in this country.

In fact, these introductions alone are worth the price of admission. They could be the most important benefit of the entire event.
What is your Panama dream? Let us help you realize it…
I’m not counting myself as part of this crew. Yes, I’m an expat living, investing, and doing business in Panama… but I understand if you’d like to hear about Panama from someone other than me for a change.

These people have no agenda. They’ve agreed to participate in the event for no reason other than they’d like to help out fellow expats considering following in their footsteps. They receive nothing in return… have no ties to anyone (including me or Live and Invest Overseas)… and are hindered by no conflict of interest.

Our only request of them is that they tell it like it is. What you hear from these Panama expats won’t be all good. Maybe it won’t even be mostly good. But it will be the real deal.

Honest, Tell-It-Like-It-Is Approach

I particularly appreciated your information today about the joys (?) of international rental property. What I admire is your honest, tell-it-like-it-is approach. A lot of people have been hurt by nothing but glowing reports about offshore living from various sources. Your honest, direct approach is a real service.

‐‐Arlean K., United States

No place is perfect, and we understand that a rose-colored view does you no favors…

There’s a reason these folks (and Lief and I) are in Panama. We’re fans. But we’re not fools. We know the good, the bad, the beautiful, and the ugly of day-to-day life and of trying to do day-to-day business in this place. We’re enjoying the advantages… and we’re reconciled to the downsides.

An important part of our agenda during this event is to show you these downsides… so you can decide whether you can live with them, too.

To this end, our expat speakers will be there to tell you about life in Panama as it really is…

One expat couple is living out their vision, building their dream home on the beach and taking midday surf breaks on the daily… another “expat” has actually rediscovered his home country after moving to the States to try to attain the American Dream, which he eventually found back home, in Panama. But all stories of success come with some struggle… and your seat grants you the opportunity to avoid any mistakes they may have made along the way…

Awesome Job!

This was a 10! Great event. Awesome job by the Live and Invest Overseas team!

‐‐Edward T., United States

At this Live and Invest in Panama Conference, I look forward to  sharing details of our long experience in this little country with such an abundance of upside.

More than that, I look forward to the chance to meet you face-to-face and one-on-one. For me, this is one of the best parts of these live events.

This will be a high-energy, full-throttle three days. But we’ll do everything we can to make sure it’s also a whole lot of fun. We’re building in cocktail receptions, lunches, open-air parties, and other special events to give you as much opportunity as possible to mingle and mix with your fellow attendees, with our Live and Invest Overseas panel of experts, and with all the Panama expats we’ve invited to join us.

You never know where these cocktail and poolside conversations might lead. Over the years, we’ve known readers who’ve met business partners… roommates… equity investors… language tutors… and, certainly, great friends at our conferences.

We’ve even known some conference introductions that have led to much more than friendship. You know… Lief and I met, almost two decades ago, at a conference in Ireland…
Kathleen Peddicord
Founding Publisher, Live and Invest Overseas

P.S. From my vantage point here in Panama City, I can tell you that this is a moment of opportunity in this country that, right now more than ever, qualifies as the world’s top retirement, investment, tax, and doing-business haven.

The better acquainted I become with this country, the more convinced I am that this is the place to be (as a retiree, an investor, and an entrepreneur), both now and for the coming decade. Here’s your chance to stake your claim here while prices are down and sellers are more negotiable than they’ve been in a half-dozen years.

What are you waiting for? Here in Panama, the sun is shining, and the future is bright. You owe it to yourself to come see for yourself.

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Live And Invest In Panama
Panama City, Panama
Jan. 17–19, 2024
Program Details, Costs, And Special Discounts
Your Live and Invest in Panama Conference admission includes:
Admission to all presentations…
Complete access to the restricted exhibit area…
Expert personal consultations…
Formal and informal Q&A sessions, breakouts, and workshops…
Introductions to reliable real estate sources, business contacts, fellow expats, and professional legal resources…
Access to attendee-only (optional) pre-conference and post-conference real estate tours…
Access to optional cultural, craft, and sightseeing tours…
Coffee breaks and snacks—at least 2 a day…
An open-bar cocktail Welcome Reception…
Seminar materials, notebooks, and handouts…
Downloads of all conference presentations after the event is over…
A complete set of professionally produced conference recordings…
How Much Does Admission Cost?
This conference has been designed to give you the expert information and insider access that you need to live and invest in Panama—successfully and as hassle-free as possible.

Whatever your situation and goals, you’ll come away with insights and a blueprint for achieving your goals in this unique country.

The cost of this year’s Live and Invest in Panama Conference will be US$1,095 US$895 for access to all three days of the event.

The cost includes full access to all of the presentations and personal consultations…

Plus, all supplemental reports, guides, and seminar materials…

As well as access to every coffee break, the Networking Salon, and the open-bar cocktail party—all of which will allow you to mingle with the experts as well as like-minded investors looking to diversify overseas.

Even better, you can bring a second person for only US$300 more. That brings your cost down to only US$597.50 a person.

This conference has been designed to give you the expert information and insider access that you need to live and invest in Panama—successfully and as hassle-free as possible.

Whatever your situation and goals, you’ll come away with insights and a blueprint for achieving your goals in this unique country.
We’re holding our event at the Hotel Las Americas Golden Tower Panama in Panama City, where we’ve negotiated a very special rate for our attendees.
We’ve reserved a block of rooms at a discounted rate, but, when they’re gone, we may not be able to get more.

Frankly, we’re expecting a sell out, so, again, please don’t delay in making your reservation.

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On behalf of our entire Live and Invest Overseas team: We look forward to meeting you soon in sunny Panama City!

More Reasons
To Join Us In Panama City
Jan. 17–19, 2024
To learn how to navigate Panama City like a pro… we’ll introduce you to the taxi fare zone chart… and the metro and bus lines… (Plus, we’ll let you in on the secret to the best, most hassle-free way of getting around in the city.)
To learn the secret to having mail delivered in this country (Hint: You don’t rely on the Panama postal service…)
To learn how to live in Panama tax-free
To understand the options for getting a job (Yes, there are some opportunities… and we’ll detail them…)
For a firsthand account of everything you need to know to start a business in this country. Panama is an entrepreneur’s playground. How can you cash in? Our entrepreneurial experts have real-world answers…
To get to know Panama as a tourist. This country is a naturalist’s dream come true and an eco-traveler’s paradise. Come, let us introduce you to Panama beyond the tax and banking advantages, beyond the real estate investment upside, beyond the economic boom and the special benefits for foreign retirees… come discover the other Panama…
To meet like-minded folks who, just like you, are looking for a chance to live better, to retire well, and to invest safe and smart in the current climate…
To mingle with expats who’ve already made the leap… to hear firsthand of their adventures, their discoveries, their accomplishments, and their horror stories… an evening chatting at the bar with these people is alone worth the price of admission…
Frequently Asked Questions
  • If you want to invest in or find your piece of paradise in the World’s #1 Retirement Haven, then YES, this is the perfect event for you.

    You’ll walk away with the knowledge, support, and contacts necessary to make a purchase or move with confidence…

  • Panama Local Time (EST)

    Wednesday, Jan. 17, 2024 - 8:00AM – 6:00PM

    Thursday, Jan. 18, 2024 - 8:00AM – 6:00 PM

    Friday, Jan. 19, 2024 - 8:00AM – 12:00PM

    Please note that speakers and schedule may be subject to change.

    Remember, every live session will be recorded and available for on-demand video playback… so you’ll never miss anything.

  • Every attendee enjoys our 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

    In order to qualify, you must attend the event in person. If you’re unsatisfied during or after the first day and wish to get a refund, you must tell one of our staff or write an email before the start of the second of the event.

    As far as cancellations, you must send us notification in writing. Please send an email immediately if you have to cancel for any reason.

    For cancellations received more than 45 days before the start of the event, we will return your payment, minus a US$150 administration fee per person. For cancellations received more than 14 days before the start of the event, we will return your payment, minus a US$350 penalty per person. For cancellations made less than 14 days before the start date of the event, the conference fee is nonrefundable. If you are unable to attend, please contact us by email immediately to avoid any unnecessary charges.

    Please note that any amount not refunded can be used as a credit towards a future Live and Invest Overseas conference. Credits need to be used within 24 months after cancelling the initial event.

  • Yes! Right now the Early Bird discount is available, saving you US$200 per person off the regular price. However, this discount will only be available for a limited time.

    You’ll get complete access to all three days of the event, including the recorded coverage of everything afterwards, for only US$895.That’s an investment of just US$298.33 per day, and it comes with an open-bar cocktail party, snacks, coffee breaks, and the complete on-demand program featuring high-video recordings of everything once the event is over…

    Note that some subscribers and members of Live And Invest Overseas services may qualify for a discount of US$50 off, while Ultimate Virtual Pass and All Access Pass members get free access. If you’re a member of any of these, please get in touch directly by email here.

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