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Own your own beach home from $94,950… and thrive on a monthly budget of $1790…
Get full coverage in one of the world’s top health care systems—for only $65 a month…
Choose-your-weather destinations: perpetual spring or always summer or all four seasons…
Prosper like an insider in the most popular retirement haven among Europeans…

Dear Live And Invest Overseas Reader,

Sunny days, stunning beaches, happy people...

A low cost of living, tons of cheap property, and tasty food...

Healthy living, safe streets, and virtually FREE health care…

It’s no surprise that 7.2 million expats call Spain home. 

This is the most popular second-home destination in all of Europe…

And a recent InterNations survey of more than 12,000 veteran expats ranked not one… not two… but THREE cities in Spain as the very best places to live abroad.

Yes… out of nearly 50 cities across the world getting votes, Spain’s cities came in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd!

Of course, our own experts agree—and one of those cities won our 2024 award for World’s #1 Retirement Haven

We’ll discuss these cities in Spain more in a moment.

But first, let’s take a step back...

It’s hard to imagine living the good life anywhere in Europe without preparing yourself for some sticker shock…

But here in Spain, the surprise comes in discovering how low the price tags are…
Especially given the top quality of life on offer…

And, this incredible value applies to everything from eating out… to health care… to renting or buying a home.
Dreaming of settling in a city that’s full of Old-World charm?

You can rent a studio, right in the heart of Seville, for just $480 a month… or own a three-bed apartment here from $66,800.  

Prefer to kick back at the coast?

Again, it’s good news…

Rent in the heart of Seville for less than $500 a month
Apartments on the sought-after Costa del Sol, with views of the twinkling Mediterranean, start from $590 a month…

Or pick up your own beach home—minutes from the sand, with sea views from your balcony—for $158,900.

To get this kind of value in France, Italy or Portugal, you’d likely have to base yourself at least 20 minutes or so from the city center or coast…

But here in Spain, you won’t have to make such sacrifices.
From its stunning beaches to its tranquil mountain retreats, brand-name cities to glamorous island resorts, this is one unbelievably diverse country.
Your own second home on the Costa del Sol for less than $160,000?
Spain has a range of climates… a range of landscapes… and a range of lifestyles.

In fact, I’d say it’s impossible to travel any length of the country and not find a single place to charm you… at a price that’s easy on your pocket…

And, with the dollar so strong against the euro right now, this is one of the best times in 20 years take advantage of the values in Spain…

In a minute, I’ll show you some of the top lifestyle options (and dream properties) on offer here today.

But first, let’s take a quick look at the advantages of settling in this warm, welcoming country that’s a world away from the stresses of North American life…
11 Reasons Spain Is The World’s #1 Retirement Haven
#1 – A retirement without compromise
As I mentioned before, more Europeans choose Spain as their second home than any other…

And a recent survey ranked three cities in Spain—Malaga, Alicante, and Valencia—as the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd best cities to live as a foreigner.

What makes it so popular?

It offers all the romance of the Old World, holding tight to its traditional charms (like flamenco, tapas, and a quirky mix of architecture)…

Yet it mixes in the best of the 21st century.

Spain has first-class infrastructure and one of the world’s best health care systems…
Tasty and cheap…
welcome to the world of tapas!
And, all these advantages come at an affordable cost.

Living in the center of world-class cities like Madrid or Barcelona, your living costs would easily be 50% less than city life in Miami or L.A.

In Valencia—our #1 Retirement Haven In The World for 2024—you’ll find everything from renting an apartment to eating out even cheaper. A couple could live well here on a budget under $2,000 a month (including rent).

In Seville and Málaga, your budget can be as low as $1,500… and prices drop even more as you move inland.
Monthly Budget For A Couple Living In Valencia, Spain
 € 800 
Unfurnished, two-bedroom apartment.
 € 80 
  For cooking.  
 € 60 
 Bus/metro pass for two, occasional taxi. 
 € 100 
A/C usage.
 € 20 
 € 35 
Basic items for couple.
Cable TV
 € 20 
 € 300 
Basic items for couple.
 € 250 
 € 1,665 
(equal to $1790 as of May 2024)
#2 – Affordable property (cheaper than France and Portugal)

Spain is the most popular second-home destination in Europe and home to some 7.2 million expats. Despite its popularity, the cost of housing remains cheaper than many of its neighbors…

Spain and Portugal boast many of the same attractions. So, how do property prices compare between the two?

Luis da Silva, my go-to real estate expert in the region, says:

“When you compare like with like, real estate in Spain is really much cheaper. Thanks to Portugal’s limited housing stock and prices inflating in recent years, you get a lot more bang for your buck in Spain. And you have a much bigger variety of costas to choose from.”

Comparing like with like on the Atlantic coast, we find…

A two-bed townhouse in one of my favorite spots in Portugal’s Algarve for $468,000… 
Meanwhile, near the town of Cádiz on Spain’s Costa de la Luz, you can buy a similar townhouse at the beach for $244,750… 

That’s almost 50% less in Spain.

What about prices on the Mediterranean?

Portugal doesn’t have a Mediterranean coastline. But, if we look to the French Riviera, there’s a two-bed apartment in Nice, with sea views, asking $555,700… 
Coastal villas in Cádiz can be half the price of Portugal’s Algarve...
Yet, on the Costa del Sol, surrounded by beaches and golf courses, you can buy a similar two-bed apartment, second line to the beach with wide sea views, for $229,875… almost 60% less!

#3 – Choose your lifestyle (Spain has it)

From cosmopolitan cities to sun-kissed Mediterranean shores… to romantic island escapes and mountain villages lost in time… modern Spain has 17 autonomous regions, each with its own personality and customs—and, sometimes, its own dialect.
Whichever region you decide to call home, you’ll never be stuck for new cultures to explore.

Want a vibrant city, full of Old-World charm, where there’s always something going on? Choose from Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, and many more…

Prefer to live by the beach? Again you have options… from the wild Atlantic coast to the calm shores of the Mediterranean… and from mainland to island…

Seville is one of the best places to experience authentic flamenco...
#4 - Laid-back pace of life

If you’re hoping to escape the rat race once and for all, you’ll find Spain refreshing…

This is a true work-to-live society with an emphasis on time with family and friends.

Siesta culture is still strong. And holidays are many—with each region having colorful festivals throughout the year.

In many ways, life in Spain can feel like the America of the 1970s. People get dressed up… no matter how small the occasion. And you’ll often see three or four generations socializing together.

Retirees are respected here, too. Ivan, one of our local contacts in Cádiz, told us:

“Older people are very respected in Andalucía. They live their lives to the fullest until the very end. They still socialize in the plazas, play dominoes, babysit their grandkids at the beach, and do exercise classes together.

“This is especially true about older women from Andalucía. They are my inspiration for how to age with elegance. They still get dressed up, do their hair and makeup, go out with their friends to restaurants and cafés, and so on. And they are sassy!”

#5 - Great weather (with sunshine year-round)
With an average 3,000 annual sunshine hours, you can expect to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle most of the year…

The Andalucía region is the hottest part of all western Europe. In Seville, daytime temperatures in winter rarely drop below 60 degrees. But if you can’t stand the intense heat of high summer, cities like Málaga and Valencia provide a more comfortable climate.

Year-round good weather means more opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors.
If you want a taste of winter chill, you’ll find snow to the north in the Pyrenees, and south in the Sierra Nevada. Both provide skiing and snowboarding during winter months.

#6 – World-class beaches

From its dramatic Atlantic shores to idyllic Mediterranean beaches, Spain has more than 3,000 miles of coastline… not forgetting its Balearic and Canary islands that attract everyone from the jet set to the budget traveler…

The Costa del Sol is home to the most stunning beaches, so it can be hard to get near one in high season…
But travel north to the Costa Brava or Costa Dorada… where the crowds begin to thin out... and you’ll find long, golden beaches lapped by the warm Mediterranean…

Spanish beaches are also clean and safe for swimming. The country holds the most blue flags of all European countries—and has done so since the awards began in 1987.
Over 3,000 beaches to choose from...
#7 – Top health care

The Spanish health care system is one of the best in the world—it placed 7th in the most recent World Health Organization rankings.
Prescription drugs can be up to 75%
less than the U.S.
As a North American retiree, you likely won’t have free access to the Spanish public health system. But there is a pay-in plan of around only $65 a month for under-65s and $170 a month for older residents. Meantime, private health insurance plans start from around $300 a month.

If you need ongoing access to health care, you’ll be well catered for…

My friend Lucy who spent many years living in Barcelona says, “Barcelona has an enviable reputation for health care. There are well-trained doctors galore and many English-speaking ones from several different countries. Consultants in every specialty can be found throughout the city.” 

#8 – Healthy, hearty food (and great wine)

Thanks to the rain up north and the Mediterranean climate down south, almost every fruit and vegetable grows here.

Valencian oranges are renowned as the best in the world… Galicia produces fine cheeses… the Mediterranean serves up the freshest seafood… and olive oil is a staple.

It’s no secret that the Mediterranean diet is a healthy one. For the fourth year running, it was voted the best diet in world by U.S. News & World Report.
“It's generally accepted that the people living in countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea live longer and suffer less than most Americans from cancer and cardiovascular ailments. The not-so-surprising secret is an active lifestyle, weight control and a diet low in red meat, sugar and saturated fat and high in produce, nuts and other healthful foods.”
-U.S. News & World Report

Living here, you could—without any real effort—eat your way into better health.

Best of all, eating out is extremely affordable. In some places, simple tapas come free with your glass of beer or wine… or pay a few dollars for a heartier dish.

Spaniards eat their main meal at 2 p.m., and you’ll find restaurants offering their three-course menú del día for lunch…
Expat in Valencia Mike Herndon says, “I’m single and I don’t cook at home. Why would I when I can enjoy a three-course lunch at one of my favorite restaurants for about $10.”

And let’s not forget wine…

Spain, home to the most vineyards in the world, is also the second-largest wine exporter… 
Enjoy a hearty lunch for around $10...
You can buy a good bottle in the supermarket for $4 or $5. When you feel like splashing out, you’ll find excellent wines for around $10 to $12.

#9 – A cultural powerhouse

If you’re looking for a rich culture, Spain is hard to beat…

City-lovers will be spoiled with entertainment options in Madrid and Barcelona, both of which boast stunning architecture, countless museums and art galleries, theaters, cafés, and every kind of cuisine.
In Barcelona, recently named “the greatest city on Earth” by The Telegraph (UK), all you have to do is grab a seat at an outdoor café and soak up the atmosphere…

Andalucía is the birthplace of flamenco and there’s a particularly strong culture of this artform around Seville and Granada… though you can clap along to flamenco shows in all major cities, too.

Once of Europe’s biggest attractions, Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia—which attracts some 4.5 million visitors a year—is scheduled for completion in 2026...
From the Aqueduct of Segovia to the Alhambra in Granada to La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, local architecture is impressive and varied with well-preserved remains of Roman and Moorish rule to more recent Gothic and Gaudi offerings.

If you’re a soccer fan, you’ll fit right in. Soccer is a religion in Spain. Those that don’t pack the stadiums and streets on match day gather with their families to watch it at home. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to experience premier league, European, and international action in full color.

#10 – Access to Europe

A huge advantage of living in Spain is the chance to explore Portugal, France, and beyond. Whether by road, rail, or air, Spain’s infrastructure allows you to plan your European adventures easily, frequently, and affordably.

From Seville, you can be in the Algarve in less than two hours by car… From Barcelona, it’s just over two hours to the French Riviera.

Fancy a long weekend in Amsterdam, Vienna, Rome, Prague, or Dublin? Budget airlines like Ryanair and EasyJet offer cheap flights all over Europe, with services close to all major towns.

#11 – Lots of English-speaking company

If you’re hoping to find English-speaking friends in your new home—at least until you find your feet—you won’t be disappointed…

Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia all have established expat communities where you’ll find plenty of native English speakers. The same is true of the Costa del Sol where Brits have been visiting and putting down roots for decades.

If you want to make local friends—or get any business done outside of the main tourist areas—you’re going to have to learn to speak at least some Spanish.

The good news is that Spanish is one of the easier languages to learn… and the locals are very patient, encouraging, and forgiving.
Spain Vs. Portugal—
Which Is Better For Me?
Both Portugal and Spain boast many of the same attractions and have lots to offer retirees. Here are some of the advantages we’ve found that Spain holds over Portugal…

  1. Lower language barrier
With so much Latin American influence in the United States, you likely have at least some basic Spanish phrases… which can make it less daunting than starting a language from scratch. If you want to begin learning before you go, it’s also easy to find Spanish classes in almost any U.S. town.
  1. Warm water
If you’re fond of sea swimming, but aren’t a fan of cool Atlantic temperatures, then you may prefer Spain. Both countries have stunning coasts and beaches, but only Spain has Mediterranean coastline where water temperatures in the summer range between 76°F and 82°F (24-28°C).

  1. Property
Spain has six times more coastline than Portugal. This makes it a more competitive market… with many more options for the property buyer. It’s increasingly difficult to find anything affordable in the Algarve within steps of the sand. But in Spain, you can still find attractive coastal property for less than $200,000. On the city scene, while prices in Porto and Lisbon skyrocketed in the last decade as foreign buyers scrambled for Golden Visas, Madrid and Barcelona are relatively affordable.

  1. More city options
If you’re after a cosmopolitan lifestyle, Porto and Lisbon are your only real options in Portugal. But from Bilbao to Barcelona, Madrid to Málaga, Seville to Santander, Spain has many more options for you to explore… and all major cities are connected by an excellent transport system.
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Let’s Find The Part Of Spain That’s Right For You…
If you’re intrigued by the attractions of Spain (and really, I’m just skimming the surface here), then you’re already off to a great start…

Now, how do you decide whether Spain is right for you… and, where, out of all its great options, would be the best fit for you?

Over the past number of years, we at Live and Invest Overseas have been scouring the length and breadth of Spain to discover the best places for expats to live… and growing our network of experts and expats in the country to help you answer all your questions (big and small)…

At last, I’m ready to bring all the answers to you… straight from the experts…live and direct from Spain…
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Discover Spain’s Best Places To Live 
(And Get The Full Truth From Folks Living Here)
Could Spain be the place for you?

Research… photos… videos—they all help…

But the only way to know is to see Spain for yourself… 

You need to walk the streets, feel the weather, taste the foods, and talk to the people.

Our Live And Invest In Spain Conference lets you do all that—and in the company of experts, locals, and other folks also considering the country.

Over three days, you’ll get to know Spain’s best places to live—“thin sliced” to exact places that could be your personal slice of paradise.

Join us in beautiful Valencia where you’ll see and hear from professionals, expats, and retirees who are already working, investing, or living in these places…

The event will give you a comprehensive, in-depth view of our top havens in Spain that outsiders and tourists simply don’t know.

This Live and Invest in Spain Conference has three major aims:

#1: To help you to decide if Spain could be the place for you

#2: To show you where in Spain, specifically, you should live or invest…

#3: To give you the knowledge, support, and contacts necessary to make any move with confidence—that is, to create your own “Spain plan”

Find the security that comes with knowing exactly how you can live—comfortably—on a budget that starts around $1,800 a month.
Get to know each of your best options for living well in Spain… from the hotspots of the Mediterranean coast to the natural beauty of inland villages… from bustling Barcelona to the chilled-out vibe of Valencia… and everything in between…
Discover how to tap into Spain’s incredibly affordable health care system, with excellent facilities and English-speaking doctors…
Find out how you can save thousands—tens of thousands—by living in certain off-the-radar places…
See examples of comfortable apartments you can rent for $500 per month or less…
Learn where the best investment markets are… and how to take advantage of Spain’s Golden Visa program…
After attending this event, you’ll be prepared and confident, with all the practical matters at your fingertips.

Taxes, banking, property financing, health care, health insurance…

Dealing with culture shock, mitigating your tax burden, shopping for health insurance, choosing life insurance, budgeting for owning a car…

Helping your children adjust to a new life overseas, staying in touch with your kids back home…

This is the A-to-Z education you need to make decisions about a next step in this country that offers so many appealing and almost unbelievably affordable options for investment and lifestyle.

And, most important, you’ll benefit from the experience of those who have gone before you… at this conference you’ll hear from seasoned expats who were once in your shoes.

Plus, if you want to see the cities and properties firsthand, you can join one of the optional real estate tours and see the lay of the land for yourself.
Our Promise To You
The Live and Invest in Spain Conference will give you the insights and the contact network you need to make the right decisions in Spain—guaranteed.

You’ll get private access to every discussion, panel debate, and presentation, as well as direct access to all our experts…

All in one place where you can also meet and mingle with more than 100 of your fellow readers.
Save Your Spot Now And Get The Best Deal

Your presenters were very knowledgeable…

Our minds are still reeling with all the information presented to us. All your presenters were very knowledgeable about their respective fields. We also enjoyed talking with other expats-in-waiting. Mike and I live in the snowy part [of] Washington State. Needless to say, we would love to spend at least our winters someplace warm instead!

‐‐Laura D., United States

Experience Our Spain Event Live…
Then Get Lifetime Access
To ALL Of The Information

Your registration today gets you more than just entry to the event and access to our experts and their insights…

We’re recording everything—every data sheet, every question and answer, every discussion, and every bit of information.

We’ll edit, organize, and package it all into a high-definition video program that you can download or access online after the event is over…

We’ll even add in some e-books for quick and easy reference.
Learn more and save your spot now

I’m Thrilled…

It’s tempting to continue living the way you’ve been living. It’s easy… and it can be very frightening to think about creating a whole new life for yourself in a foreign place. All I can tell you now is that I’m thrilled… it has been one of the most satisfying experiences of my life.

‐‐Jay S., United States

Meet Us In The World’s #1 Retirement Haven…
Spain’s Mediterranean Stunner
I’ve been referring to Spain as the World’s #1 Retirement Haven

But it’s actually a specific city that earned the award: Valencia.

Sunny Valencia effortlessly mixes ancient history and 21st century technology…

Having been founded by the Romans around 140 B.C., this city has been a cultural and industrial base for the region for over 2,000 years.

The ancient city gates, Torres de Quart, still bear the marks of the medieval siege of Valencia, and you can see the signs of ancient battle clearly in its pockmarked walls.

And walk just about anywhere in the city of Valencia, and you’ll find clues to its vast history—Roman, Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque architecture are all at play here.

At the same time, the port neighborhood known as the City of Arts and Sciences is so advanced that is has been used as a setting for science-fiction films…
With an average temperature in the daytime of around 70°F (21°C) year round, Valencia has the perfect weather conditions for an active, healthy, and uplifting lifestyle.

This part of the Western Mediterranean has some of the finest beaches in Europe—in the city and to the north and south.

The mountains are within easy reach and the Valencian Community offers plenty of scope for excursions to national parks and other sites of historical and cultural interest.
Valencia is well located on the Mediterranean cost of Spain, with direct routes to the rest of Europe.

France and the ski-slopes of tiny, tax-free Andorra in the Pyrenees are a few hours by train, while Portugal, the French Riviera, and Gibraltar are also within easy reach.

Ferries are also available every day to islands such as Mallorca and Ibiza.
Where will you venture?

Join us in Valencia for this Live And Invest In Spain Conference, and you’ll be prepared for the adventure of a lifetime in Spain and the rest of the region.
Learn more and save your spot now
Why Stephanie Chose To Settle In The Costa de la Luz
LIOS: How did you end up in Spain?

Stephanie: My husband retired from the U.S. Army in 2015, and we decided to take a year off to travel. We thought we’d go back to work but realized that the cost of living is so much cheaper overseas… even in Western Europe.

We went to the Valencia area the first time we came to Spain, and I was really struck by it. It was much more affordable than I thought it would be. The weather was beautiful—like San Diego but so much cheaper. That’s when the wheels started turning.

But before we moved to Spain, we moved to Japan. My husband is half Japanese, so we spent two and a half years there while he undertook an intensive study program and reconnected with his family.

LIOS: How did you decide on Rota?

Stephanie: We chose Rota because of the U.S. military base here. My husband is retired from the military, so we can use the facilities—most importantly the free Space-A flights for military personnel, but also the fitness center and other recreational facilities, the hospital, and the library.

My husband is an avid golfer, so that was another reason for choosing Rota. Unlike the Algarve where it’s mostly expats and tourists using the courses, the Spanish actually golf as well. The courses are much more affordable too. My husband’s membership at a 27-hole championship course is about €1,300 for the year with discounts to other courses in the region. Golf is also a great way to meet people.

On the whole, I feel that the Costa de la Luz is a hidden gem that many travelers (or aspiring expats) from other countries don’t know about. Rota and the other towns along the coast have incredibly beautiful beaches that are practically empty for many months of the year. Spaniards from Madrid and Seville flock here in the summer and during Easter (Semana Santa), but the area has great weather year-round.

LIOS: How have you found the social scene?

Stephanie: It’s more difficult than I expected to meet people that are my age or in my situation. There are lots of active-duty military members as well as retirees who work on the base, but they’ve been assigned here, which is a different scenario. There are also lots of retirees who are married to Spaniards, but they’re busy with family things…

The expat network is part of the fun of moving abroad… and there isn’t one so much in Rota. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t also make local friends when moving abroad, but having expat friends is a nice way to transition as you build connections with locals, and it’s fun learning about different cultures and speaking different languages, even if the people aren’t from the host country. I find it easier to meet people through online expat groups.

LIOS: How’s your Spanish?

Stephanie: I studied Spanish for a while in school, but in the States, we learn Latin American Spanish, so understanding and speaking are hard. I’m learning quickly. I’ve had to talk on the phone in Spanish, Google News pops up in Spanish on my phone, and I’m picking up words I need to know.

Knowing the language makes a huge difference. It would really help you become part of the community. You’ll at least want to learn some pleasantries.

LIOS: What was it like moving during the pandemic?

Stephanie: We spent three months in Rota during winter 2019/2020, just to make sure we wanted to go through the effort of getting the visa. We decided that we did, and we returned to the United States in February 2020, just as Covid was hitting. We spent the better part of 2020 applying for our visas and finally moved here in December 2020.

There’s never a perfect moment to move… I feature a lot of interview profiles on my website of people who have moved overseas, and the message is usually the same: Don’t wait. Tomorrow might not come. Covid really made people see that.

My husband and I had been following the situation in Rota during the pandemic. When we got here, there was this amazing feeling of calm compared to the States, where everything was so political and contentious. Here, it was less of a constant debate.

At the moment, this sense of calm is my number-one favorite thing about living overseas. Whatever your views are, it’s hard to disagree that things are simpler over here.

LIOS: What else do you enjoy about living here?

Stephanie: I love the beauty of Rota’s coastline. I never get tired of seeing the ocean. I can run along the beach for miles or walk through the pine forest on the dunes overlooking the Bay of Cádiz. I love that life is so much more affordable, and that fresh fruits, vegetables, and fish are a bargain.

It’s so easy to make plans to do something outside, because the weather is rarely bad. We can eat outside year-round.

I also enjoy the calmness and simplicity of life in Rota and the relative safety. We had a checklist for our ideal overseas destination, and while we wouldn’t consider locations that we knew were “unsafe,” safety wasn’t one of the specific items on our list. We hadn’t realized how important it was until we lived in Japan

I’ve come to learn that safety is freedom. Japan was extremely safe… and for the most part, I feel comfortable in Rota. People are out so late here, so there are always people on the streets and I never feel unsafe at night.

LIOS: Are there any downsides to living here?

Stephanie: We knew coming in that there’s a massive cultural difference, particularly between Japan and Spain. We knew the mañana factor would be challenging…

Rota is like a sleepy town in the southern United States. The siesta is four or five hours per afternoon. You go to the restaurant, and often it’s “no hay” (i.e., the thing you want is not available)… or there’s a handwritten note on the door of the shop that says, “We’re not here.”

As Americans, we tend to see entrepreneurial opportunities and ask, “Why aren’t you doing it like this?” You just have to adapt. It’s a very slow pace of life.

The [Spain] Conference was superbly organized.. I learned much from all of them (speakers) and their enthusiasm was infectious! In this regard, I would say the [Spain] Conference met and exceeded my expectations

‐‐Mike Finnegan, United States

If All These Folks Could Do It, You Can Do It Too!
Who else will you meet at our Live and Invest in Spain Conference?

Others, some probably just like you, who’ve already made the move: retirees, entrepreneurs, and expats living, investing, or doing business in this country right now.

In fact, these introductions alone are worth the price of admission. They could be the most important benefit of the entire event.

These people have no agenda. They’ve agreed to participate in the event for no reason other than they’d like to help out fellow expats considering following in their footsteps. They receive nothing in return… have no ties to anyone (including me or Live and Invest Overseas) and are hindered by no conflict of interest.

Our only request of them is that they tell it like it is. What you hear from these Spain expats won’t be all good. Maybe it won’t even be mostly good (depending on what you’re looking for). But it will be the real deal.

No place is perfect, and we understand that a rose-colored view does you no favors…

There’s a reason these folks are in Spain. They’re all fans. But they’re not fools. They know the good, the bad, the beautiful, and the ugly of day-to-day life and of trying to do day-to-day business in a foreign country... dealing in a foreign language…

They are enjoying the advantages… and they are reconciled to the downsides.

An important part of our agenda during this event is to show you these downsides… so you can decide whether you can live with them, too.

To this end, our expat speakers will be there to tell you about life in Spain as it really is…


I loved hearing stories of expats… these are people who actually walked the walk and show people like me that this is not crazy.

‐‐Ellen Zucker, United States

Mediterranean or Atlantic?…
Cosmopolitan City or Traditional Mountain Village?
We’ll Take You On A Grand Tour…
You may already know that you want to live at the beach… or right in the heart of an eclectic city where you’d never be stuck for something to do…

As I said, Spain serves up many options. And, you owe it to yourself to explore the best ones. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend time in all of these places to narrow your options… we’re going to bring them to you so you can decide the top few that make sense for your own further investigation…

Over the three days with us here, you’ll get an in-depth picture of our top picks in Spain for you—and, in each case, we’ll recommend whether they make sense for full or part time living… and where to look if you’re planning on buying an income-producing property…

Here are some of the places we’ll look into…
Despite being one of Europe’s top tourist cities, you can live well in Barcelona for around $2,000 a month...
Barcelona. Whether you decide to live here or not, it’s impossible not to be charmed by the place The Telegraph (UK) just named “the greatest city on Earth.”
“Out of 50 nominations, Barcelona claims the top spot, thanks to its world-class architecture, thriving arts and culture scene and more than 2,500 hours of sunshine per year.” – The Telegraph (UK).
But don’t let its popularity overwhelm you. Despite being Spain’s second-biggest city, you can find your way around quickly and easily thanks to its compact, well-laid-out design… and top-class transport system.

You’ll never be stuck for things to do. Fantastic art and architecture from pre-Roman to 21st century is everywhere. There are galleries, monuments, theaters, restaurants, shopping—all the usual stuff of cities—yet there are also lots of parks and pretty plazas, great beaches, and easy access to the beautiful Costa Brava to the north and the Costa Dorada to the south.
Barcelona is also a completely livable city—not just for the tourists—and we’ll show you the best neighborhoods where you can be in the heart of the action… and those to go for a quiet retreat…

You can rent in the center of Barcelona from around $850 a month. And a couple could live here from $2,000 a month.
The laid-back vibe of Valencia is reminiscent of L.A. (at a fraction the cost)...
Valencia, our choice for the World’s #1 Retirement Haven.

Spain’s third-largest city has many of the same attractions as Barcelona—impressive architecture, great weather, fine beaches… but has that smaller town feel. Everything is within easy reach… and there’s a welcome, slowed down vibe that’s reminiscent of southern California…

Along with its hip neighborhoods and vintage bookstores, retro shops, and co-working spaces, the city’s Túria Gardens—a dry riverbed converted to a public park and known as “the lungs of the city”—has sports pitches, playground areas, and paths for long walks, runs, and cycles.

Grocery prices here can be as much as 30% less than Madrid and Barcelona. You can rent a two-bed apartment from around $800 a month… and your monthly living costs (for a renting couple) would be around $1,700.
Málaga is one of the cheapest cities in Spain—and expats recently ranked it as best city in the world to live… 
Málaga. Despite being on the sought-after Costa del Sol, Málaga is a surprisingly affordable place to live—in fact, the Andalucía region it’s part of is one of the cheapest areas of Spain.

Not only do you have access to stunning Mediterranean coastline and long, sandy beaches, Málaga also offers up lots of culture in its old town, from its Roman amphitheater to its Moorish fortress (the best-preserved example in Spain), and it’s a great base for exploring the region’s national parks.

Travel+Leisure recently called Málaga a “museum-goer’s paradise.” Renowned as the birthplace of Picasso, the town has an 8,000-square-foot museum in his honor. It’s also home to the first Centre Pompidou pop-up gallery outside France, hosting collections on loan from Paris.
On top of all these attractions, it’s a clean and walkable city. The most recent InterNations global survey of expats named Málaga as the second-best city in the world (after Kuala Lumpur). It’s also a great place to catch an authentic flamenco show… and explore the strong tapas culture of the region.

You can rent in the city from around $750 a month… a three-course dinner for two at a nice restaurant costs around $40… or go on a tapas-tasting journey with dishes starting as low as $1.25…
The Costa de la Luz is one of Spain’s best-kept secrets. Locals flock here in summer to escape the crowds on the Med.
Cádiz and the Costa de la Luz.

Tucked away in the most southern part of mainland Europe, you’ll find Cádiz province, with 300 kilometers of Atlantic coastline (making up the Costa de la Luz). Part of Andalucía, the province stands apart from the region… and indeed, the rest of Spain… with its own personality.
The capital is Cádiz, one of the oldest cities in Europe. Though it welcomes cruise ships, it’s unspoiled by mass tourism—most of the tourists here come from other parts of Spain. Many visitors are attracted by its outdoor and adventure opportunities, from surfing to hiking to rock climbing.

With a population of around 115,000, this is a small, manageable city… with a growing reputation among expats.

You can rent a furnished, two-bed apartment in the old town here from around $880 a month… or buy a renovated two-bed apartment, just off the Plaza de la Catedral, for $197,200…
A survey among 12,000 expats voted Alicante as the
2nd best city to live—in the entire world…

Alicante. Although its roots are ancient, Alicante today is a 21st century city with a bustling centro of chic designer shops and department stores, equally chic people, a harbor crowded with white yachts, and a sleek tram/light-rail system.

And yet, Alicante manages to retain the feel of Old Spain. Businesses observe the afternoon siesta, and the city is an ideal place to savor Continental café culture.

Alicante is a city of and for boaters of all kinds, who can sail and cruise at any time of year. Even in winter, daytime highs are usually in the low 60s.

Perhaps the best part of this beautiful Old World coastal city is the cost of living here. This is one of Europe’s greatest bargains. You can rent a furnished apartment in a good location for as little as $400 per month.
Among Galicia’s treasures, you’ll find the Tower of Hercules—the oldest working lighthouse in the world.
Galicia. The Camino de Santiago runs right through this region and ends at the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. But there’s far more to Galicia than the camino

What this region lacks in weather (it will suit those looking for a cooler climate), it makes up for in its lush landscape, fairytale-like scenery, wild Atlantic beaches, and the chance to escape to a tranquil way of life with a focus on simple pleasures…
Food is wholesome and seasonal. Bread and cheese are diet staples… with trucks darting about the countryside every morning to deliver fresh loaves door to door. Here’s where you’ll find the best tortilla de patata (Spanish-style omelet). A large tortilla costs around $17 in a restaurant and will feed three hungry people…

A contrast to flamenco in the south, Galicia has a strong Celtic heritage… and you’re more likely to hear bag pipes than castanets…
In a nutshell, Galicia is Spain… but not as you know it. And, it has a lot to offer the right person.

You can rent right in the heart of Santiago de Compostela from $470 a month. Because of its tourist appeal, real estate in Santiago is pricy, but in smaller towns and villages, it’s easy to find apartments for less than $200,000… family homes from around $250,000… and, if you’re up for a renovation project, you’ll find rural properties, with land, from as little as $20,000.

All this is to give you a taste of the top cities and regions on offer. We’ll explore more areas… and dig even deeper into what day-to-day life is like in these places… during the three days of our Live and Invest in Spain Conference

But remember, no matter where you settle, you’ll have all these wonders on your doorstep… to explore at your leisure.

I was very impressed with the relevance of the content, the insights of the speakers, and the level of detail that is so helpful to make a life-changing decision. I am excited about the remaining days as well as the chance to refresh my memory via the recorded sessions.

‐‐Jeremy Warshaw, United States

Best Time In Decades To Find Your Home In Spain
For all the reasons I’ve laid out above, Spain is an incredibly popular expat haven.

Having welcomed foreigners for decades, this is an established second-home market—the most popular in Europe, in fact—so you’ll meet high populations of Britons, Italians, Germans, Dutch, and French over the summer months.

And I can now add Americans to that list—with nearly 50,000 expats, the Americanos are now the fastest growing group of expats here in Spain.

They’re escaping to a better life that actually costs less than back home…

But American buyers also have an advantage today—all thanks to the “currency discount” you’ll experience in countries that operate in euros.

In 2024, we find the U.S. dollar still very strong against the euro.

20-Year Exchange Rate Between The Euro And The Dollar
If Spain’s values were already attractive in recent years, you can save thousands of dollars coming in today…

A Spanish home listed at €100,000 would have cost you $133,000 back in 2013... but, today, you can get that €100,000 home for less than $110,000.

Whether you’re buying solely for your own use or hoping to earn rental income from your property, now is the best time in 20 years to be property shopping around Spain…

And under the guidance of my expert team, you’ll find out:

What to look out for when buying a property in Spain…
The best neighborhoods to focus on (and where to avoid)…
Where you’ll make the best rental yields (and what returns you can expect)…
How much to budget for transaction costs on your property purchase… as well as any taxes you’ll need to pay as a property owner… 
Best of all, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with my experts on the ground who can help you navigate your move.

During our Live and Invest in Spain Conference, our real estate experts will give you real, live property listings to give you an idea of what’s on the market—as well as investment opportunities you can act on.

To give you an idea of the price range, here are some we’ve recently spotted for sale…
Sample Property Listings:
Your Own Home In Spain From $52,100

In Málaga province, in a charming village, a rustic townhouse full of character but in need of some renovation. The home is 95 square meters with three bedrooms and close to shops, cafés, and restaurants… and 10 miles to the beach. It’s asking $52,100…
Twenty minutes from Valencia, next to a park and near a hospital, a three-bed apartment of 73 square meters for $73,400…
In the heart of Segovia—a university town one hour northwest of Madrid—a 93-square-meter, three-bed apartment that could serve as a student rental/summer vacation home for $79,800…
A 15-minute walk from Valencia city center, a two-bed apartment of 77 square meters with lots of light. Close to public transport, supermarkets, schools, and a medical center, it’s asking $92,500…
On the Costa Almería, frontline to the Mediterranean, a one-bed apartment of 50 square meters. The building has a swimming pool and is close to the village’s shops, restaurants, and health services. Price: $95,800… 
Tucked away in a hamlet in Galicia, a country home of 250 square meters with five bedrooms. The Camino de Santiago passes through the nearby town, so this could make an ideal guesthouse. Price: $117,000…
In the heart of Valencia’s historic old town, a 40-square-meter, one-bed apartment that’s full of character. Although it’s in a quiet location, this charming home (an ideal rental) overlooks a plaza and is close to hundreds of bars, cafés, and restaurants. Price: $127,700…
Just off La Rambla del Raval in Barcelona, a one-bed apartment of 31 square meters. With easy access to all the city’s highlights, this would make a great foothold in the city that you could rent out. Price: $132,900… 
Beautiful studio apartment in Nerja, Málaga with a spacious terrace overlooking the sea. Close to restaurants and shops, this 28-square-meter property is asking $158,300…
In Valencia, steps from Túria Park, a two-bed apartment of 57 square meters. One of the bedrooms has a private balcony. Price: $148,800…

“More Information Than I Ever Expected”

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the conference. Very well organized and more information than I ever expected.

‐‐Dave D., United States

I’ve Devoted My Life To Helping People Like You…
My name is Kathleen Peddicord. For more than 23 years, I was Editor and Publisher of International Living. In 2007, I took a break… and launched Live and Invest Overseas and the free Overseas Opportunity Letter.

At the same time, my husband, Lief Simon (the overseas investment part of the Live and Invest equation) and I moved family, business, and pets from Paris to Panama. (Previous moves were from the United States to Ireland and later to France.)
In other words, I’ve been covering this beat, researching, writing, speaking, and presenting on the opportunities for living, retiring, and investing overseas, for more than three decades.

I have traveled to more than 75 countries, invested in real estate in 23, established businesses in 7, and renovated historic properties in 6.

I’ve written numerous books, including “How To Retire Overseas” and “Buying Real Estate Overseas For Cash Flow (And A Better Life)” published by Penguin Random House and John Wiley Publishing respectively. I’ve also appeared many dozens of times on television and radio (everything from Bloomberg and CNBC to Fox and the Regis Philbin Show).

It’s with that experience and that of my global network, that I confidently offer you this truly rare overseas retirement opportunity. At the Live And Invest In Spain Conference, we’ll whisk you across the ocean to discover a quality, affordable lifestyle in a truly enchanting setting.

“You Do A Terrific Job…”

You do a terrific job!  Keep up the good work. The conference provided a great deal of information and answered many of my questions. Plus, I now have names of attorneys and realtors to contact if I need more information about specific countries.  Thank you very much.

‐‐Pat Rizner, United States

Start Living Your Dream
Lifestyle In 12 Months Or Less…

Spanish poet Federico García Lorca wrote, “There is no straight road in this world… only a giant labyrinth of intersecting crossroads.”

Certainly, if you’re scrambling to figure out where to go… and you’re doing it all by yourself… it can feel this way.

But, if you’re intrigued by all that Spain has to offer, I guarantee that this Live and Invest in Spain Conference is the straightest, surest path available to your dream life in the Old World…

Our experts and expats are standing by to help you navigate all the twists and turns… so you’re ready to make your move to Spain in 12 months or less…

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If you’re not happy with the event, I’ll give you back 100% of your money.

I urge you to give yourself the best start—sooner rather than later and in the best company—this year during my Live and Invest in Spain Conference.

I hope you’ll take me up on this invitation.
Kathleen Peddicord
Founding Publisher, Live and Invest Overseas

P.S. This Live And Invest In Spain Conference is the only event of its kind in the world…

It's been designed to help you:

  • Find the security that comes with knowing exactly where you can live comfortably—even on a budget that starts under $2,000 a month…

  • Get to know each of your best options for living well in Spain… from the hotspots of the Mediterranean coast to the natural beauty of inland villages… from bustling Barcelona to the chilled-out vibe of Valencia… and everything in between…

  • Discover how to tap into Spain’s incredibly affordable health care system, with excellent facilities and English-speaking doctors…

  • Find out how you can save thousands—tens of thousands—of dollars by living in certain off-the-radar places…

  • See examples of comfortable apartments you can rent for $500 per month or less…

  • Learn where the best investment markets are… and how to get the best deal on a property…

After attending this event, you’ll be prepared and confident, with all the practical matters at your fingertips.

This event will have more than 25 experts from all across Spain…

Together, we're going to help you decide if Spain could be the places for you—and, if it is, how to make it your home with as little cost and with as few mistakes as possible.
“Panel discussions are a great way to get multiple perspectives on a given topic.
Also, they are able to pivot to address a side-issue that might not get addressed in a speaker-led presentation. Keep up the great work!” – Morgen Dobson, Canada
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“Good information and valuable suggestions regarding residency, real estate, renting, taxes, laws, resorts…”
– Joseph G., United States

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“The range of topics was good and most of the speakers really knew their stuff. The panels were very good, allowing for different perspectives and ‘angles’
on the subject at hand.” – Lee Ezzes, United States.

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    Our ultimate goal is to show you the REAL Spain—warts and all.

    Spain is one of the most popular overseas destinations in the world, and both the Live And Invest Overseas team and more than 12,000 global expats have ranked places in this country as your very best options abroad

    But no place is perfect...

    We’re going to show you the perks of the country, of course, but also the downsides… so you can be prepared and decide whether or not they’re a deal breaker for you.

    If, therefore, you want to find your piece of paradise in a beautiful, friendly, and affordable European country, then, YES, this is the event for you…

    You’ll walk away with the knowledge, support, and contacts necessary to make a move with confidence.

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“I am better prepared (knowledgeable) than previously. There is fair amount of things to do prior to any move. Lots of good information! Some excellent such
as Visas, taxes, locations.” – A.N., United States.

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Thank you all!!!” – Pedro Cruz, Canada 

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“I was very impressed with the relevance of the content, the insights of the speakers, and the level of detail that is so helpful to make a life-changing decision. I am excited about the remaining days as well as the chance to refresh my memory via the recorded sessions.”
– Jeremy Warshaw, United States

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed—
Or Your Money Back!

I guarantee that this Live And Invest In Spain Conference is the straightest, surest path available to your dream life in the Old World…

Our experts and expats are standing by to help you navigate all the twists and turns… so you’re ready to make your move to Spain in 12 months or less…

And, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

If you’re not happy with the event, I’ll give you back 100% of your money.

I urge you to give yourself the best start—sooner rather than later and in the best company—this year during my Live And Invest In Spain Conference.
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