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At Home At Los Islotes—
Finding Our Way On This Veraguas Coast
In this new book, sent straight to my doorstep, I’ll get the insider insights about Panama I need before I make my big decisions here—the good, the bad, beautiful, and the ugly…

What’s more, I’ll also get a giant package of destination guides, how-to manuals, and a full
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  • In-depth, insider coverage of top lifestyle options in Panama, including cost-of-living analyses as well as the pluses and the minuses of each destination...

  • Interviews with expats living and doing business across the country...

  • Current top recommended real estate options, for both purchase and rental (plus, which places to avoid)…

  • Business opportunities... and guidelines for how to start one here in one of the most entrepreneur-friendly places on earth…

  • Updates on Panama's status as an offshore haven... and insider tips on how to pay as little tax as possible as a resident or an investor in this country…

  • The secret to finding good, reliable help… from contractors and plumbers to mechanics, drivers, gardeners, and a maid…

  • Where to go when you need medical care… all the country’s top options considered and compared...

  • Opportunities for settling in, making friends, volunteering, and becoming part of the community...

  • How to bring your pets, vehicles, and household goods with you…

  • How to get your Panama driver’s license, how to open a bank account, how to set up and pay your utility bills, how to buy a car—and how to avoid doing all those things the wrong way (you’d be surprised)…

  • Hacks for traveling within and to Panama, as well as staying in touch with friends and family from afar…

  • Plus: photos, maps, videos, and much, much more…

Please send me a copy of “At Home In Los Islotes—Finding Our Way On This Veraguas Coast” shipped to my door, so I can consider Panama with all the insights I need to make the right decisions….

Along with my free book, please welcome me into the Panama Letter community and send me my package of 5 free e-books.

My complete Panama package includes:
  • FREE Book: At Home In Los Islotes—Finding Our Way On This Veraguas Coast (a $17 value)—my free paperback copy sent to my door... with zero shipping & handling fees! (Please note that delivery could take up to 2-4 weeks, depending on shipping address.)
  • E-Book: Panama 101: 101 Things You'll Wish Someone Had Told You About Panama (a $9.95 value)—in these pages, I'll learn vital lessons, including the absolute maximum you should ever pay for a taxi ride across Panama City... what not to wear if you want to be taken seriously by your new compatriots... where to go to shop for books in English... a guide to festivals and seasons... and helpful-to-know Panamanian-isms...

  • E-Book: Panama Residency Visas 101 (a $9.99 value)—up-to-date information on all 14 of this country's top foreign residency options. This is my step-by-step guide with answers to all my residency- and visa-related questions...

  • Research Report: The #1 Property Market In Latin America (a $9.99 value)—Panama is one of the easiest and most advantageous places in the world to establish residency. This in-depth report explains to me how all of that translates into cashflow and profits…

  • Haven Guide: Azuero—Panama’s Summer Destination (a $14.95 value)—this region is the cradle of Panamanian folklore… the lifeline to customs, traditions, festivals, and agriculture. Located in the Arco Seco (the dry arch), the peninsula’s environment is drier than the rest of the country. It’s this year-round warm, dry climate that many expats are just beginning to discover...

  • Haven Guide: Los Islotes—Sunsets, Surfing, And Serenity (a $14.95 value)—the east coast of Azuero is popular among locals and expats… but on the western side of the Peninsula, you’ll find Los Islotes. A hidden gem where nature, privacy, and luxury all connect…

  • Real-Time Service: 12 months of Panama Letter (a $120 value)—Kathleen’s intelligence service incudes discounts, alerts, and a monthly e-magazine that features an in-depth, insider report on a new location each month, plus detailed, itemized budgets, expat interviews, sample property listings, and opportunities for me to to earn income anywhere in the world…

I’ll get all these resources for only US$120 US$69—that’s a giant discount of 43% off!

That offer gives me access to everything listed above, including a full year of service to Panama Letter—the world’s premier real time Panama service.  Best of all, should I continue my service after this first year, I’ll lock in the current discounted rate—allowing me to save 43% off the usual rate every year. I can cancel anytime, and any unwanted charges will be refunded immediately. I am guaranteed the lowest available rate and interrupted service…

“You’ll love what you get—or it’s free!”
Panama Letter is the most complete and current resource to living, investing, retiring, and doing business in Panama available anywhere.

I guarantee it.

If you are disappointed in any way with the information, insights, recommendations, and discoveries shared in Panama Letter, simply say so. If you do, we’ll promptly reimburse you for any issues remaining in your subscription. No questions asked.

The printed copy of “At Home At Los Islotes—Finding Our Way On This Veraguas Coast,” along with all 6 Special Reports, are yours to keep no matter what you decide

In other words, you’ll love what you get—or it’s free!

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