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Dear Live and Invest Overseas Reader,

You’ve never slept better.

No need to turn on the news as you roll out of bed…

You have better things to do. And, besides, the world’s problems can’t touch you here in the world’s best place to live.

After a quick stretch, you throw on a pair of shorts and a T-shirt, grab your sunglasses, and head out your back door for a look over the water.

As you close the door, you can hear the old town behind you beginning to bustle to life…

A local fisherman is announcing the early morning’s catch, and you can hear the soft chimes of bicycle bells as the morning commute begins.

You close your eyes for just a second to focus on the scent of the salty air, the fresh bread, and the orange blossoms…

The roar of the ocean gets louder as you approach the cliff, and the din from the town melts away.

The sea breeze is a little stronger in the morning, but it’s invigorating.

Reaching your favorite spot, your gaze captures the entire scene…

Glittering blue water flows gently onto a slice of pristine beach directly below you. To your left and right, almost impossibly, the same water crashes against the painted rocks in frothy white torrents.

The sandstone here has been battered this same way for a very, very long time—with its weird shapes, arches, and hidden coves, it looks almost alien.

The lifestyle you’ve always imagined is truly possible here in Europe's #1 Overseas Haven…

Indeed, this is more than some postcard beach…

This is unique. Special. Better.

Welcome to Portugal

Home to Europe’s best beaches, 1,115 miles of coastline, and 300 days a year of sunny skies.

However, to think of this special place as merely a beach getaway is a mistake…

Portugal’s borders date back to 1139 B.C., officially making it the oldest country in the Old World.

To state the obvious, that’s thousands of years—more history has happened here than most places in the world.

The upside of all of this history is that you’ll never run out of ancient places to discover…

The entire country is a cross between a national park, a museum, and a coastal resort—all with the constant, ever-present charm of the Old World.

Sure, if you wanted, you could spend all of your time relaxing and enjoying the beach…

But there’s so much more than summer fun to be had here…

In the mornings, you could explore the caves and coves of the world’s most fascinating coast…

Hike the Roman walls and medieval castles around noon…

Or ride a rickety tram up narrow cobblestone streets to get to the Castelo de São Jorge overlooking the ancient city of Lisbon…

And, to cap it all off, you could enjoy dinner at a vineyard where the local chef has put together a tasting menu.

It sounds like a vacation—and for many it is—but, at these prices, you can afford to make it a holiday that never has to end.

In fact, I bet it’s cheaper to live here than it is where you are now.

To live a very comfortable life here—frequent dinners out, cocktail hours, shopping, household help, a home near the water, etc.—you could get by on around €1,786 (about $2,000).

But the great thing about Portugal is that you could go much cheaper if you wanted…

Forgo the frills, and you could live well on just €1,222 (less than $1,300):

A Simple Life By The Coast In The Algarve

Despite being near the ocean, the cost of living in Portugal is, on average, 30% lower than in any other country in Europe.

The southern region of Algarve in the country is our #1 choice for living in Europe—it also happens to be incredibly affordable…

Item Cost Notes
Rent €500 Basic apartment, About a 15-minute walk to the water
Public Transportation €40 Monthly, unlimited pass for the bus—takes you all over, including cities and beaches
Gas/Electricity/Water €130 Total monthly utility costs
Cable/Phone/Internet bundle €78 TVMucho annual subscription for WiFi and TV
Entertainment €204 Dining out at a restaurant for a couple—twice a week
Food and groceries €270 For fresh, whole foods. Imported, frozen and processed foods will cost you more
“We Knew We Could Never Afford
To Live Like This In America…”

Allen Freeman drinks his coffee on the spacious balcony every morning.

He looks out at the aqua-blue waters of the North Atlantic…

And listens to the tide come in over and over again, closing his eyes to take in the sounds and smells of the incoming breeze.

“We knew we had to retire overseas,” he says.

“It’s cheaper and easier. And with all the chaos back home, we were ready to take that step.

“It was the right time. We just… didn’t know where.”

Portugal: Where you can afford to make paradise your home…

For years, he and his wife Linda had researched far and wide.

Exotic locations all over the world.

But they’d settled on Portugal when they found that it was the cheapest and safest place in all of Europe.

“We are in gorgeous Silves, nestled in the Algarve region. A little walk and we’re in Old Town, where we can take a coffee break, get some sun, and avoid tourism.

There’s a castle, a cathedral, museums, tons of beaches…

Having our own villa a few blocks from the beach is a dream we couldn’t afford in America.”

Here on the Portuguese coast, Allen and Linda can live the retirement they’ve always wanted and then some.

Former teachers, they had never led expensive lives, and they weren’t ready to start in retirement.

But what they weren’t prepared for was how cheap Portugal actually was…

For about $1,600 a month, they’re living in a villa close to the beach with a charming town.

Fresh fish is always available, WiFi is fast and everywhere, the people are friendly and most important for them… it’s safe.

In fact, Portugal is one of the most peaceful nations on Earth…

Portugal ranked as the seventh safest country in the world in this year’s Global Peace Index.

And, if you’re wondering, the six countries ahead of it are made up of Scandinavian and far-off places—all beautiful and worthwhile, but exactly zero of them are easy for residency… especially if you’re retired.

Portugal boasts beaches, a can’t-beat location, and, of course, a welcoming list of tax incentives and easy-to-get visas for foreigners…

In other words, Portugal rolls out the welcome mat.

Lots Of Places Are Cheap—But They’re Not Portugal

For about $200k… you could buy a 2-bedroom, 2-bath villa in one of our favorite towns in Portugal (pictured above).

You can eat out for $6, grab a pint of beer for $2, and drink a cappuccino for $1. A grocery trip for a week’s worth of food will put you back $18.

Movie tickets—for first-run, original-language movies—are $6 each. And popcorn, sodas, and candy all come in at well less than $5 each.

Portugal is clean, safe, cheap, and gorgeous.

And it’s all neatly wrapped up with the peace of mind of living in the world’s 4th safest place to live

It’s sort of amazing, right?

But it gets better, though…

The Portuguese are extremely welcoming to expats.

If you get lost, they’ll point you in the right direction.

If you are about to spend €6 on a glass of wine, they’ll tell you where to get it for half the price.

And the language? They know it’s tough for outsiders, so the government made it a rule that every child must take English classes for nine years.

As Allen says, “During our working years, Linda and I never lived as well as we do now. It’s like we’ve earned this.

“We finally got to live like we always hoped, but could never achieve.”

“Where’s The Best Place To Live In Europe?”

After more than 35 years on this beat, there’s still only one question I get asked just about every day:

Where is the best place to live in Europe?

For decades, my response was the same…

“I have no idea,” I’d explain…

“Because,” I’d continue, “there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all overseas haven… no one place that’s ideal for everyone.”

“Only YOU can identify the destination that’s best for you,” I’d say to everyone who asked.

Then, several years ago, I traveled to a corner of Europe where I’d never been before…

To a place I’d somehow overlooked in decades of travel… even though I’d been just next door many times…


It was a revelation…

It has the best of Mother Nature’s beauty.

It’s affordable… welcoming… friendly… and incredibly safe.

Portugal serves up 3,300 hours of sunshine annually and a mild climate year-round.

It boasts some of the world’s best beaches and best golf courses…

You can indulge in any interest you could imagine… from boating, diving, and hiking to regular nights out at the theater and museum and gallery afternoons…

The infrastructure is top-notch. The health care is world-class… and a fraction of the cost of care in North America.

Become a resident, and you can pay as low as $55 a month for health insurance (no kidding).

One 50s-something couple we know here pays $150 each a month—the policy boasts zero deductible and full medical, vision, and dental coverage.

Residency is easy and cheap as well… for anyone of any age.

English is widely spoken. You would not have to learn a new language if you didn’t want to.

You Can Live Longer And Healthier In Portugal…

Here you’ll find affordable and simple gourmet food and wine that rivals some of Europe’s finest fare…

Furthermore, the Portuguese diet features whole foods direct from the earth and sea.

Not only are these healthier than the processed foods back home, scientists have also proclaimed the diet here as one of the healthiest in the world

Helping to prevent heart disease,  Alzheimer’s, obesity, and much more.

Plus, in addition to eating better, Portugal’s weather and culture naturally lead to more outdoor activity.

It all adds up to possibly the healthiest life you’ve ever had the opportunity to live…

Without any extra effort at all.

Portugal is technically a tax haven… legal residents, retirees, and entrepreneurs enjoy exclusive tax incentives.

And property can be an absolute bargain, both to buy and to rent.

What’s that all mean?

It means I’ve finally found a one-size-fits-all overseas haven…

A place that’s ideal for everyone: Portugal.

“So What’s The Catch?”

Live and Invest Overseas is famous for our “warts-and-all” approach to our destination findings…

But, here in Portugal, there honestly isn’t much to complain about.


If you’re a North American, getting here usually requires flying on a plane, of course… but, if you’re not one for flying, passage on a ship takes as little as a week’s time…


If you’re coming here to work as a local, don’t expect to be paid much (albeit, this helps keep the cost of living very low)…


Winters in some places are colder than you might expect for such a sunny place…


Cars are expensive to maintain, and the price of electronics and other consumer goods will be more expensive than the States…


Have you tried learning Spanish before? As someone who has tried to learn both, I’d say Portuguese is twice as hard to learn… the good news is that the locals understand this, so almost everyone you’ll ever meet speaks English as well…

That means even North American (and British, etc.) movies and TV shows are broadcast in their original English.

What else?

Well, moving abroad to any country comes with its own set of challenges.

Living overseas is an idea that has enormous, life-changing upside…

But like anything of worth, it requires a little work.

To start, you need to do your homework.

You also need to understand the legal aspect of all things, and I’d strongly suggest you get the hard-won insights of the expats and retirees who have come before you…

No Place Is Perfect…

Portugal’s cost of living is on average 32.5% lower than in America…

And rent? It’s a whopping 42.6% cheaper despite the fact that most people live within 50 miles off the coast.

But not everything is cheap: gas costs the equivalent of $7.48 a gallon!

Need to upgrade your phone or computer?

You can expect to pay about 25% more on electronic products than in the States…

These are the folks that were just like you once.

They discovered Portugal, did their homework (or did not), and took the leap…

Some of them did it the easy way… while the less prepared took a longer and maybe much bumpier path. You want to hear from both of these types of people.

The trouble is that it’s hard to find good help.

Try your hand at Google or TripAdvisor, and you’ll get a hodgepodge of conflicting information—or, arguably worse, facts and figures that don’t help anyone outside a social studies class…

I’ve been on this beat for more than 35 years. I’ve seen the best the world has to offer… and some of the worst.

I’ve debunked the over-hyped locales, and I’ve been surprised by others—like Portugal.

I’ve made friends, I’ve hired lawyers… sold property, bought property… I’ve even run businesses in some of the places I talk about.

Here’s my point: I know a lot about this idea of living and investing overseas. More important, though, my support network rivals anyone in the world.

The experts, professionals, and friends in this network all know what they’re talking about—which is rarer than you might think.

But I’m getting ahead of myself…

I should probably take a minute to introduce myself more properly.

My name is Kathleen Peddicord.

For more than 35 years, I have been exploring the world for fun and profit—and reporting back about my discoveries for hundreds of thousands of readers.

My family and I have been living overseas for more than 20 of those years—originally leaving the United States behind for our first adventure in Waterford, Ireland. From Waterford, we moved to Paris, France, and from there, in 2008, we made our third international move to Panama City, Panama.

Most recently, my husband Lief Simon and I split our time between France and Panama.

In total, I have traveled to more than 75 countries, invested in real estate in 24, established businesses in 7, and renovated properties in 6. I’m interviewed and quoted regularly by The New York Times, Money magazine, CNN, Forbes, U.S. News & World Report, the AARP, Good Morning America, and more. I’ve appeared on countless radio and television shows on places like Bloomberg, Fox Business, ABC, and CNBC.

I think it’s fair to say that I am considered the world’s most well-respected authority on overseas living and retirement.

I have written several books on these topics…

Including the 2024 Live and Invest in Portugal Manual that I’d like to give you with my compliments…

Yes! You Read That Right…
Here’s What’s In Your FREE Copy Of My New
2024 Live and Invest In Portugal Manual

I’ve been spending time in Portugal since 2015.

I knew after the first visit that this was a special place… a place that I wanted to spend as much time as a busy life like mine could handle

So my husband and I went house hunting…

We searched up and down the entire country—a little farmhouse surrounded by an orange-tree orchard… an old villa overlooking a magnificent sandstone-cliff coast… an ancient village cottage with an arched, medieval passageway in Lisbon…

Until, at last, we found a charming apartment to buy in Porto.

It was a block from a plaza square, with a cute little balcony that boasted an ocean view. Best of all, it only cost €99,500 (about $105,000).

We ended up renovating that apartment and, eventually, we rented it out for cash flow when we weren’t there ourselves.

Ultimately, we had to sell…

Lagos is just one of many irresistibly charming places you’ll discover in Portugal…

The property had increased in value significantly, and my husband, ever the property investor, couldn’t pass up the chance to more than double his investment. We were able to sell quickly for capital gains of 125%.

My search for a new pied-à-terre here continues to this day…

But here’s why all of that matters to you:

Over those four years in Portugal, we met a lot of people.

Some were social calls from new friends and readers, while others were to help us when we were searching for a place to live…

And to help us when we made the purchase… made renovations… and then shopped for home goods.

Lagos is just one of many irresistibly charming places you’ll discover in Portugal…

We gained insights and met even more people when we moved to rent it out. Same with the entire process of selling.

It’s with the help of all of these experts, plus expats and local friends we made along the way, that helped us create our latest resource: the Live and Invest in Portugal Manual.

This is a source of insights and intel that you can’t get anywhere else:


Our experts will take you on a virtual tour of the very best places to live in Portugal as a foreigner…

Get up to speed on Portugal with quick, easy-to-digest lessons on the country’s history, geography, economy, and climate…
Boasting 1,115 miles of coastline, Portugal is home to some of the world’s most unique beaches…
Learn about our #1 destination for living in Portugal—even if you decide on another town (or country) this is a place that everyone needs to visit at least once…
How can you make money here? We’ll discuss your best options for finding a job locally or working for yourself

Get our take on the local property market—we’ll showcase sample home listings and show you how to find the right property…

Better yet, we’ll give you all of the facts you need to know, including tax rates, fees, and the entire buying process (step-by-step)…
Property here can be affordable, both for purchase or for rent…
To live here full-time, you’re going to need legal residency. We’ll hold your hand as we show you steps to getting a visa, including your different options and all of the documents you’ll need
Health care in Portugal is of world-class quality. For legal residents, it’s also free. We’ll show you everything you need to know about getting medical and dental care here, and we’ll reveal how to get into the system to enjoy free health care
Health care in Portugal is of world-class quality. For legal residents, it’s also free. We’ll show you everything you need to know about getting medical and dental care here, and we’ll reveal how to get into the system to enjoy free health care

Are you a retiree? We’ve included a special chapter for seniors. Where is the best places for those living through their golden years? And what special tax incentives and visas await you? We’ll reveal it all to you in the Live and Invest in Portugal Manual…

A healthy lifestyle is almost a guarantee
here in Portugal…
Finally, we’re all about action. And so, in addition to all of the information, we’ll arm you with the contact information of our top experts in Portugal. They’re all standing by to help you…

You’ll find all of this in the 2024 Live and Invest in Portugal Manual

It’s yours—at no charge—simply for trying my entirely unique real time service called  Portugal Letter.

No Sugar-Coating. Just The Facts.
Delivered With A Lifetime Of Perspective…

Portugal Letter is not a glossy magazine.

It’s an intelligence service.

A detailed, down-and-dirty, tell-it-like-it-is, get-there-first report from the real world about the best communities for good-value living and investing throughout Portugal

We don’t sugar-coat any place. That sort of “it’s the perfect paradise” language doesn’t do you any favors if you’re seriously thinking about moving and investing to a new place.

I know that. And so do you.

No place is perfect. And in Portugal Letter we won’t tell you it is.

But we will give you an honest, measured assessment of each destination we feature…

We’ll tell you not only what a place has to recommend it but what the drawbacks and potential pitfalls are, too.

I’ve been in this business for a long time. I know the questions to ask. I know the risks you’ll want to avoid.

And I’ll get them all on your radar screen.

That way you can decide for yourself whether a place is worth investigating firsthand… or not.

“Sophisticated And Thoughtful…
And Therefore More Useful”

“I have to say that you seem to dig deeper into the feel of a particular place and to do comparative analysis between alternative places. Your approach is more sophisticated and thoughtful and therefore more useful than that of other e-letters I’ve read covering these same subjects.”

—John W., United States

After all, what’s important to you isn’t necessarily what’s important to the next gal or guy. Everybody’s situation is different…

Take me, for instance.

When we at Live and Invest Overseas talk about Portugal, it’s hard not to mention its gorgeous beaches along the Atlantic coast…

Now, usually, the best beaches are in the ever-sunny Algarve region—it’s no surprise that this part of the country once won our award for #1 Place To Retire Overseas for seven straight years.

But me personally? I’m in love with history…

Which means I’m a city girl when in Europe.

And, yes, the entire country is chock full historic ruins and relics… and, yes, cities in Algarve like Faro ooze historic charm…

But, for me, the Algarve simply doesn’t have the same bustling Old World buzz like Porto or Lisbon. The museums, the restaurants, the ancient alleyways…

I’ll almost always choose cobblestoned streets and fountained city plazas over a stretch of soft golden sand…

I’m in the minority.

Chances are good that beaches are a focal point for you…

Unlike, say, Latin America or Asia, Portugal offers you an affordable beach lifestyle backed by the safety, cuisine, culture, and history of Europe.

Of course, the great thing about Portugal is that you’re spoiled with choice…

The Algarve has plenty of charming towns and cities, and places like Porto and Lisbon have multiple beaches…

The winner of our Annual Overseas Retirement Index ranking for eight consecutive years is a charming and traditional town in the Algarve…

It offers everything would-be retirees could want: lots of sunny and warm days, welcoming (and English-speaking) locals, top-notch medical facilities, an affordable cost of living for a high quality of life, and a refreshing lifestyle on the water.

This town, though, unlike other parts of the region, has held on to its authenticity, both in terms of its culture and its cost of living…

It features unique beaches, an architecturally stunning town center, an embellished riverfront promenade, diverse dining options, proximity to an important national park, and a welcoming expat community…

Or maybe what you really dream about is being able to walk barefoot every day on a soft white-sand beach that stretches on and on beyond the horizon…

Yet you still want to be an easy hop from Lisbon, a hub of Europe and the continent’s second oldest city…

Another past “Index” winner is a little-known town just 90 minutes south of Lisbon.

It’s been compared to Saint Tropez, Ibiza, and Uruguay’s José Ignacio… but this place has an appeal all its own.

It features long expanses of soft white-sand beaches, frothy Atlantic waters, and rugged scenery: scrabbly sand dunes, pine forests, and patches of yellow wildflowers.

It has a kind of relaxed sophistication that some describe as “hippie chic”… people wander barefoot along sandy paths to the beach or meander on bicycles or in golf buggies.

Local artisans sell trendy homemade crafts, like leather bags and hand-woven caftans, and yoga practitioners offer classes in open-air spaces.

Or maybe you’d prefer a slower yet finer lifestyle among vineyards in the countryside…

This river valley is arguably the most breathtaking wine region in the world.

The river itself, whose name translates as the “river of gold,” is said to “shimmer in the setting sun like liquid bullion.”

Ancient chapels, towering castles, lush and rolling countrysides, and vineyard after vineyard will make you think you’re in Tuscany…

But here in Portugal, your costs would be a fraction of what yo’’d pay in Italy.

The Best News Is:
There’s A Place In Portugal For You
It’s Just A Matter Of Finding The Right Fit…

As I hope you’re starting to realize, Portugal has something for everyone…

Your personal slice of paradise here exists. With Portugal Letter, we’ll help you find it. Quickly and easily. It’ll save you time, trouble, and money, too.

We’re going to start your search with a few key spots in Portugal…

Your 2024 Live and Invest in Portugal Manual—along with some other goodies I’ll throw in—will help you determine whether or not Portugal and any of its regions within could be right for you.

And the best part of Portugal Letter is that we cover more than just destinations—both well-established and up-and-coming…

We also cover the nuts and bolts of living in Portugal, traveling around it smartly, finding friends, earning cash flow, local events, and much, much more…

We even have a free mailbag service, in which we answer all of our readers’ questions.

Now, if the most popular spots in Portugal end up not being for you, don’t worry—it’s a big, beautiful country…

With Portugal Letter, our seasoned team of experts and expats will do all the important legwork for you to find your right place, such as:

An analysis of the cost of living and a sample monthly budgets (as well as tips on the best places to shop)…
What to expect from the local property market, including sample property listings for sale and rent
How the local infrastructure measures up…
What it’s really like to be an expat in town (and where you can find expat friends)…
How well you can get by in English (and the best places to learn the local language if you need to)…
The standard and cost of local health care
Local culture, leisure, and social clubs and activities (remember, you’re going to have more time to spend on the things you love)…
And lots more…

Every month, you’ll get an honest and comprehensive assessment about a place in Portugal worth living in today (or maybe investing in now and living in 10 years from now)—including both the pros and cons.

You’ll get proven recommendations for everything from where to find the best flea markets to buying in the best-value neighborhoods…

Hear From Expats And Retirees Who Have
Found Their Own Perfect Haven Abroad…

Every month, we’ll also bring you stories in Portugal Letter directly from folks who have already done what you’re thinking about doing…

People who have traded an uncertain quality of life at home for a new, more affordable adventure overseas.

People like Terry and Ann, for instance…

Hear From Expats And Retirees Who Have
Found Their Own Perfect Haven Abroad…

About a year ago, my wife and I made the leap to Portugal.

“Maybe we were a little crazy, but we haven’t looked back and we couldn’t be happier.

“We’d lived in Hawaii for 40 years, and my wife Ann had just retired from her career as an emergency room nurse. It was time for our next phase in life, and we wanted to make the most of it. 

Terry O’Halloran,
Full-Time Portugal Expat

We’d saved enough, but we didn’t want to just settle into a ‘comfortable’ retirement. We wanted new, different, and exciting.

“Both of us are active and healthy, and we love traveling. We thought a simpler life, where less could be more, sounded very appealing.

“We knew our criteria for the right place for us. A mild climate was important, as was living near the ocean, good health care, safe environment, interesting culture and history, good food, and a reasonable cost of living and of establishing residency. We were also looking for a place where we could get by speaking English.

“We learned that Portugal had it all.

“We decided that we wanted to be near Lisbon, at least initially, and found a beautiful, fully furnished, two-bedroom apartment in Costa da Caparica, with an ocean view and just a short walk to the beach, just outside Lisbon south of the Rio Tejo.

“After three months, when the lease on our initial rental was expiring, we decided to move closer to Lisbon and settled into an apartment with an ocean view in Caxias, midway between downtown Lisbon and Cascais.

“It was a small community with quiet neighborhoods and friendly people. Next door was a large house with lots of trees and shrubs. Living on that property was one of the most beautiful peacocks we’d ever seen. Each morning we watched him stretch his feathers and prance around. You never know what you’ll find in Portuguese neighborhoods!

“Caxias turned out to be too quiet for us. With only a couple of small neighborhood grocery stores, we frequently took the train to Cascais for supplies. It didn’t take long to realize that we’d be much happier in Cascais… meaning it was time to move again.

The buildings along the waterside are painted and well maintained, making it a popular place for street photographers.

“Cascais seemed to have everything we were looking for, and we loved that it is just a 40-minute train ride to the center of Lisbon. Now this has become our favorite apartment and place in this country. Now we feel like we’re home. We love Cascais.

“There’s so much to see and do here that we feel like we are only beginning to discover the true nature of Cascais and its surrounding areas.

“Our favorite discovery so far has been the enormous Cascais market on Wednesdays and Saturdays, with fishmongers, bakers, butcher shops, and the freshest seasonal produce you can find at prices easy on the wallet. This is a happening place with a strong sense of community.

“Cascais is also spectacularly beautiful with clean ocean waters, a rugged coastline, white sandy beaches, stone buildings, cobblestone sidewalks, and several parks. When the sun or moon rises over the bay, you can feel the romance in the air. My wife and I feel like we’re falling in love all over again. Our favorite pastime is strolling along the bay holding hands.

“Magnificent Lisbon is on our doorstep. This city reminds us of San Francisco with its red ‘25th of April’ suspension bridge, trams (cable cars), and steep, narrow streets.

“We’ve traveled to Lisbon for concerts, a bullfight, and great dinners out. Recently we found a Chinese restaurant that serves respectable Peking duck and an excellent Italian restaurant perched on a cliff over the ocean. I could go on and on, but you get the idea.

Intra-city transportation in Lisbon is easy, besides the tube network, Trams have been part of the city since 1901.

“We’ve always felt safe in Portugal, including walking the streets of Lisbon after midnight. Never have we felt threatened. We could just be lucky, but we think it’s more than that…

“This is a truly safe place and a great place to raise a family. Kids and dogs are everywhere, at all times of day and night. And we are so enjoying being able to get out and be part of it all.

“Are we happy with our move? No question.

“We’re here to stay… and still smiling every day at our audacious move and our unknown future.”

Terry O’Halloran
Full-Time Portugal Expat

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“Immediate Info… No Bull”

“… just a thank you for the immediate info without all the bull.”

Tom F., United States

Divider Text
About 12 Million Americans
And Canadians Already Live Overseas… So Can You

We include stories like Terry and Ann’s in Portugal Letter for two reasons:

  • It’s important to remember that real people—school teachers, dentists, accountants, attorneys, consultants, office managers, doctors, sales reps, small business owners—are already doing what you’re thinking about. And doing it successfully.

Because I promise you: You’ll have family and friends who think you’ve lost your marbles. I know mine did!

The truth is that more than 700,000 retired Americans are getting their Social Security delivered at an address abroad

And the real number of North Americans living well and enjoying life overseas—at least part of the year—has been figured to be over 12 million.

So I like stories like Terry and Ann’s because they can open your eyes to possibilities you might never have even thought about before.

And the world is full of inspiring, life-improving, money-saving, and money-making possibilities. In Portugal Letter, I’ll bring them to you.

2) There’s nothing more welcome when you’re starting out in a new place than a little “been there, done that” advice. And that’s exactly what Portugal Letter delivers each month.

It plugs you in to our vast network of contacts—both the “experts” and the “regular folks”—within the country and elsewhere in the world.

It’s invaluable to hear these personal stories of people changing their lives for the better in a new place. Many of them have found creative ways of making money, too…

And we’ll share all of their secrets with you.

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Live and Invest in Portugal Manual (bookstore price: $49) I’ve already told you about this insider’s handbook for living and investing in Portugal…

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3 Video Recordings From Expats Living In Portugal (not for sale) These recordings are from our most recent private gathering in the country. They all feature English-speaking expats who are now living in Portugal full- or part-time:

Navigating Portugal—Tips And Tricks For Adapting To Your New Life
Alison Sheldrake is a full-time English expat living in The Algarve for over 10 years. She will disclose every tip and trick you may need for your move to the South of Portugal…
So Much To Love About Braga, Portugal
Joch and Jeff are a couple from California currently living in Braga, Portugal since 2019, a dream that started in the 80s for Joch after a visit to this country and materialized after attending our Retire Overseas  Conference, they will share you every aspect of their journey in this video…
Our New Life In Tavira
Tavira expert, Marie Moore shares all the benefits there are to life in what we consider the #1 Retirement Haven in the world…
 Free Gift #5: 

Health Care Quick-Reference Guide (not for sale)

The World Health Organization ranks Portugal’s health care #12 out of 191 countries surveyed, meaning it has some of best in the world—far surpassing countries like the United States (37), Canada (30), Australia (32), and Germany (25).

How much will you likely pay for care and coverage… and what’s required to qualify for the free public system?

This handy guide reveals those answers along with insights on prescriptions, nursing homes, hospitals, dental care, and more…

 Free Gift #6: 

Residency Quick-Reference Guide (not for sale)

Portugal boasts one of the best residency opportunities in the world right now for both investors and retirees. The latter can qualify with as little as about $9,000 a year (or ~$13,000 for a couple), while property buyers can get fast-tracked with Portugal’s famous Golden Visa.

This exclusive e-booklet gives you the full rundown on all of the requirements, from the getting a Golden Visa to being “Non-Habitual Resident.” Plus, we’ll show you how to get a passport (hint: there’s a chance you might already qualify)…

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Guarantee No. 2: We’ll bring to you a splendid array of options from all around the country. Beachfront retreats… countryside hideaways… charming and ancient towns… vineyard escapes… and more. But if you don’t feel  Portugal Letter delivers the kind of make-your-nest-egg-last-forever opportunities in the country you’re looking for, you can cancel at any time… and I’ll promptly reimburse you for any issues remaining in your subscription. No questions asked.

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Judy and Bill Ahern, Retired Overseas

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Live and Invest in Portugal Manual—A guidebook covering all of the important facts and insights you need to know about living and investing Portugal…
3 Expat Video Discussions—You’ll hear directly from 3 different North American expats across 3 different age ranges and lifestyles. These are the hard-to-find-elsewhere insights that you can’t get anywhere else. Learn the successes and challenges of those who have come before you, and get the complete story on living in Portugal—warts and all…
Health Care Quick-Reference Guide—A no-nonsense resource that gives you the skinny on everything you need to know about health and health insurance in Portugal…
Residency Quick-Reference Guide—Likewise, we’ve put together a handy guide to answer all your questions regarding residency and citizenship in Portugal…
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