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  • 100% pre-tax profits by investing in housing

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It’s all in the report. And remember, this is a completely turnkey income opportunity.
The report includes contact information for my personal contact at The Firm… who is waiting for you to get in touch. You don’t have to do anything special to get in on these deals. You just need to be ready to act.

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I’m very serious about the idea of making money without relying on a volatile stock market. And so, when you become a member today, there’s another report I’m going to send you, too…

It’s called The “No Stocks” Portfolio: Boost Your Retirement—With These 3 Easy-To-Buy, Easy-To-Sell Hard Assets

The report reveals exactly how you can diversify your portfolio beyond the stock market and beyond the United States. This report is not about real estate…

You’ll learn the three alternative assets I personally am investing in right now, to protect my portfolio. And the report explains, in detail, how you can protect your retirement with these assets.

  1. It includes an asset with proven returns of 195%
  2. A rare, collectible investment that can deliver 25%+ annual appreciation
  3. Plus, the asset class that holds value in a crisis better than stocks—and it’s not real estate...
Act now, and I’ll send you two more bonus reports on two tangible assets I personally hold and I believe every diversified investor should hold…
And I almost forgot…

When you become a Simon Letter member, I will add your name to the list for our next Private Investor Call with The Firm.

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You’ll receive details of this Private Investor Call direct to your email once you become a member.
Lief Simon
Editor, Simon Letter
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