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Dear Fellow Investor,

You might be shocked to see me admit this.

But you probably know in your heart already that it’s true.

The entire system is rigged—stocks, bonds, even real estate…

We all know the best deals are made among the 1% behind closed doors…

They’re made out on the golf course, at $50,000-ticket charity events, or over expensive lunches after the board room meeting…

Wherever they happen, these are squarely insider deals.

Sometimes it’s insider trading, sometimes it’s perfectly legal, but rarely is it available to the ordinary investor…

It’s just like certain senators who sold off stocks mysteriously just in time before the coronavirus outbreak clobbered the stock markets.

Like Georgia Senator Kelly Loeffler, whose husband also happened to be the chairman of the New York Stock Exchange….

They sold $1.2 million in stocks after a Senate briefing on the global coronavirus outbreak… but before the spread of the disease in the U.S. was confirmed.

Not surprisingly, they saved themselves big losses when the market crashed.

Of course, they claimed their investment advisors made these decisions without their input…

But wouldn’t it have been nice to have intel like that in your pocket?

Rather than rail against the unfairness of all this… I’ve decided to join the insiders.

I’ve built my own network of contacts all over the world that feed me the best, most timely information.

And today, I’m inviting you to join us… and potentially see life-changing investment returns as a result.

In case you don’t know me already, by the way, my name is Lief Simon.

I don’t mind telling you—I’m a self-made multi-millionaire.

At age 18, I promised myself I’d be a millionaire by the age of 35. And I achieved that… with real estate investing.

I grew up in a lower middle-class home, the son of a single mother. There was no trust fund to give me a leg up in life. I saved long and hard to be able to pay for my first car, and I worked two jobs to cover college tuition… then grad school.

I got my start as an investor in Chicago.

With a $5,000 loan from my first wife’s parents, I put a down payment on a three-apartment building. I sold the building less than three years later for a leveraged return of 3,000%... turning my $5,000 down payment into $150,000.

With that “nut,” I’ve been able to grow and grow my wealth… owning properties all over the world that have appreciated in value and brought in rental cash flow…

I’ve owned an old country estate in Ireland… farmland in Spain… condos in Panama and Colombia… apartments in Paris… a beach home in Cyprus… the list goes on…

Right now, I’m developing a ranch that I own on the Azuero Sunset Coast of Panama, which has wide ocean views, two beaches, and 200 acres of untouched jungle…

I tell you this to prove the point that you don’t need to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth to take advantage of the kind of wealth-building strategies I’ve followed… the strategies I’m about to tell you.

Like I said, it’s all about “who you know.” And I’ve made sure to get to know all the right people.
Over the years, I’ve grown my list of contacts to include attorneys, politicians, and developers in over two dozen nations…

I’ve met with and gotten to know the presidents of countries and of major companies…
From humble beginnings… I feel like I’ve “made it.”

But you don’t have to spend years building a network of insiders like I did…

Because today I’m going to give you the opportunity to access the same intel I get.

Don’t worry—it’s all 100% legal and above board.

I’ll tell you exactly how in a moment…
Be “In The Room” Where The Deals Happen
“If you’re not in the room, you’re not in the deal.”

That’s a piece of business advice I take to heart.

I’ve spent decades searching the globe, on the hunt for the best real estate investments in places where few others dare to look—so I can grow my own wealth, and so I can bring those deals to members of my newsletter services.

I’ve traveled the costas and rivieras of the Mediterranean… hopped island chains in several seas… hacked through jungles in the Americas… and visited more development sites in thes places than maybe anyone else on earth…

All with the goal of being “in the room” when real estate deals are done.
My investment strategy requires me to both be “in the room” and to put “boots on the ground”…
See, it’s only by understanding the local markets… and getting up close and personal with the people behind every project… seeing how their numbers stack up… that I can be confident that a proposed investment really is worth my time—or yours.

I’m proud of doing the legwork so you don’t have to.

My scouting team and I spend more than a million dollars each year on the hunt for deals all over the world… and I spend up to nine months of the year on the road myself.

Indeed, I’m so well traveled, I’ve achieved “Lifetime Premier” status with United Airlines. That means my wife and I get to travel First Class every time we fly—for the rest of our lives…

Over the years, by spending time “in the room,” I’ve built up a trusted network of contacts. A Rolodex of dealmakers who’ll let me know when a great deal… a great buy… is available. And then I can bring it to my readers.

It’s taken me 30 years to get to this point. But now I have people I trust—people on the ground and in the market—in Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and beyond: developers, attorneys, investment firms…

My scouting, research, eye for value, and trusted contacts worldwide have helped me realize real estate profits like:
  • 60% profit on the Spanish costa in 24 months. I bought a one-bedroom pre-construction apartment on Spain’s Costa del Sol. As the unit wasn’t completed, I’d paid only 30% of the purchase price when an offer to buy came in. I took the offer and made 30% a year for both years I “owned” the apartment that hadn’t even been built yet...
  • 80% profits in just 8 months in Romania. Thanks to my legwork and my contacts on the ground, I spotted a market in Eastern Europe that was set to rise—before most anyone else was looking. Before I could begin the renovations I planned, a buyer came to me… cash in hand… and I almost doubled my money…
  • 8% yields and 100% profits in Argentina. When Argentina hit a crisis in the early 2000s, my research showed me that this spelled opportunity. I bought three classic apartments in central Buenos Aires and put them up for short-term rental… fully managed by my local contacts. The result? Annual yields of 8% for a full six years… until I sold each apartment for double my investment... times three…
  • 20% net yields and 100% appreciation in Panama. This home-run purchase at one of the best addresses in downtown Panama City has provided double-digit cash flow as both a short-term and a long-term rental. Today is it worth more than twice what I paid for it and serves as Kathleen and my personal pied-a-terre as we come and go for business and pleasure from the Hub of the Americas…
  • 50% appreciation in less than a year-and-a-half from a coastal pre-construction buy in Cyprus. This recent investment is on track to bring me a greater return than my pre-construction win in Spain…
  • Double-digit euro cash flow plus 100+% profits in less than four years in Portugal. I recognized instantly that this sea-view apartment just a block off the central square of popular Lagos on Portugal’s sun-drenched Algarve coast was a screaming bargain. The timing and the location were perfect. I spent nearly nothing setting the place up for rentals, enjoyed 15% returns for three years, then couldn’t resist selling when I was offered more than double what I had invested…

I brought readers along for the profits with several of the above deals and others…

And today I’m inviting you to join me with an even more exclusive deal…

Here’s the story…

I would never have heard about this specific deal except for my insider on the ground. This contact gave me the tip-off…

When I heard the numbers, I could scarcely believe it.

I had to audit the numbers myself… and it turned out the numbers were very real.

The opportunity is very real.

I’m talking about the chance to see consistent results like:

  • 6%+ annual cash payments
  • 10% returns every year
  • 100% pre-tax profits

While retail investors run around looking for “1,000%” gains… steady and strong numbers like the above are what make the elite wealthy.

They’re using the same type of network I’ve finally been able to get into.

These specific profits come from a company you’ve never heard of…

They don’t advertise. They like to fly under the radar.

In fact, they almost always do business by word-of-mouth…

This is an old-school investment firm. Discreet. Personal.

For short, let’s call them The Firm.

The Firm has built more than $4 billion worth of real estate.

And they’ve brought returns like those I mentioned to investors in their deals…
The Company You’ve Never Heard Of—
That’s Built $4 Billion Of Real Estate

I’m especially excited to bring you access to these dealmakers because they’re based in Dublin.

I have a soft spot for Ireland. The first international move my wife, Kathleen, and I made, was to Ireland. (I even have an Irish passport, thanks to the time I lived there.)
Ireland was also my first international property investment.

We bought a 200-year-old Irish country home with 7 acres of land, right before Ireland’s property market really took off in the 2000s…

Seven years later we sold it for FOUR TIMES what we paid…

We got in just as the market was about to skyrocket—and sold at the top. We bought… and we sold… at just the right times.
Kathleen and I had a front-row seat as Ireland’s economy took off like a rocket in the 2000s.

It was fueled by American companies setting up operations there. The new jobs and new wealth created Ireland’s booming property market…

In the 30 years from 1973 to 2003, Ireland’s GDP increased more than 4X. The average price of a new house went from €9,009 in 1973 to €224,567 in 2003.

It was right in the middle of this roaring “Celtic Tiger” economy that Kathleen and I owned our Waterford home… and The Firm I’m writing about today was set up…

The Irish are savvy. The Emerald Isle was hit hard by the 2008-09 Great Recession… but the multinationals continued to base themselves in Ireland, thanks to its English-speaking population and 12.5% corporate tax rate, the lowest in the EU.

Ireland’s economy came bouncing back… and today this tiny country of 5 million people has the second-highest GDP per capita in the world, according to the IMF.

And Ireland has the highest per capita GDP in the world based on purchasing power parity. (PPP basically measures what you can buy in one country compared to others, after currency conversion is taken into account.)

Along with Monaco and Switzerland, Ireland is a strong contender to be “the richest little country in the world.

This is from where The Firm operates their business.
A 98.8% Success Rate For Investors…
I only work with the best. Those who show proven, consistent results.

And The Firm I’m now working with in Ireland has an unbelievable track record.

In over 500 investments, they have lost money for investors only 6 times. (And those few times were all around the Great Recession of 2008.)

That’s a 98.8% success rate.

For more than a decade—since 2012—they have never lost money for investors.

As an investor, this is as close to a “sure thing” as you’re ever going to see.

Typically, investors with this group see 75% or 100% pre-tax profits… in as little as three years… with annual cash payments as well.

The Firm has been in business for more than two decades… and making investors money all that time.

Their name is known to high-net-worth families…

They’re frequently approached by major private equity groups like Bain Capital, founded by U.S. senator and former presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Groups like Bain Capital are practically begging The Firm to invest money on their behalf… because they see how good the returns are.

But The Firm doesn’t take money from institutional investors like Bain Capital—now or ever.

They want to stay under the radar. They only serve private individual investors… like you.

They stay hush-hush—and they don’t accept institutional investors—because they’re working to serve each individual client.

After all, personalized service strengthens bonds—the lifeblood of inner circles.

Ultimately, The Firm is able to bring such great deals to investors because they know all the right people.
The Story Behind
The Firm’s Success…
"We were established in 2002 as a boutique real estate investment, development, and lending firm,” one of The Firm’s principals tells me.

“Over the past 21 years, we have been directly involved in over €4 billion in real estate transactions in Ireland, the United States, the U.K., and Europe.”

He and I are in total agreement when it comes to relationships and contacts being the key to good investments…

As he says: “The key to our success is the relationships we have developed over 21 years. Deep-rooted relationships with our clients and our joint venture partners, which in turn allow us to continue to source opportunities and deliver consistent and stable high returns.”

The company itself is a tight-knit group with a long track record of working together for clients’ success…

“The business is owned by myself and three other colleagues. We have one office located in Dublin.

“The firm looks eerily similar to what it was 15 years ago, which is one of our biggest strengths.”
“I have dealt with this firm for decades, both investing myself and referring my clients who were seeking property-related investments.

“I have always been impressed by the professionalism and competence.

“The quality of the investment opportunities that they present to clients is first rate—an indication of the extent of due diligence that the firm conducts on the people behind the investments and the individual opportunities themselves.

“I have no hesitation in recommending the firm to anyone.”
-- Desmond J., client
3 Ways To Profit
Today, I am offering to introduce you to this firm…

Become a member of my Simon Letter intelligence service, and you’ll get access to The Firm’s bespoke deals—up to 30 deals a year.

Let me be frank: this is not like the latest investment fad… where some hawker promises you 2,400% returns overnight.

The Firm’s approach is conservative.

Some people have made money in moonshot assets like crypto… some people have lost everything.

Let me remind you: this firm has never lost money on a single investment for over a decade.

I prefer an asset that I know will deliver a consistent return over time… like turnkey investments with projected 100% pre-tax profits.

I don’t want to worry about losing my capital.

Frankly, I don’t need that kind of risk at this stage in my life.

With everything that’s going on in the world, I want a “sure thing.”

So, let me be clear that this is not a “get rich quick” scheme. Instead, it’s a serious opportunity for folks who want to grow their wealth consistently.

The Firm has three core investment products:

  1. You can loan money to developers
    • Contribute to the capital that The Firm loans out to developers
    • These loans have 1- to 2-year terms
    • Maximum 60% loan-to-value with first charge real estate security
    • It all spells strong returns for investors of about 10% every year.

  1. You can invest in construction
    • Provide capital for the development of private residences, government housing, hotels, and assisted living facilities
    • The investment term is 1 to 3 years
    • You’ll earn anywhere from 35% to 100% pre-tax profits.

  1. You can invest in rentals and retail
    • Invest in multi-family homes in the private rental sector in America—these are three-year investments with 75% to 100% pre-tax profit
    • There are also investments in U.S. retail real estate. These are 36-month investments that pay 6%+ annual cash distributions with an overall 75%+ pre-tax profit.

Profits Of 38%... 75%... Even 100%...
In 3 Years Or Less

Deals open and “sell out” quickly, but as a client you’ll always get an alert when a new deal is opening.

There are multiple deals each year, so opportunities come along regularly.

Here’s an example of three recent profit opportunities…
10% Annual Returns On
A Loan Deal In Ireland

  • The Firm makes a €6.5 million loan to a borrower who has a proven track record of performance. (The loan is being used by the borrower to fund site acquisitions and working capital.)

  • The security for the loan is a mix of first and second charges over 8 development sites for residences and assisted living facilities. (In other words, the firm has access to the properties as collateral in the very unlikely event of a default. It’s added security for investors.)

  • The net value of the combined security is €26.2 million—representing only a 25% loan to value.

  • The term of the loan is two years, with a 10% per year return for investors.

  • The Firm tells me: “An attractive element of the investment is that there are a number of ways our loan can get repaid. Refinance with construction finance loans, sale of assisted living sites to European healthcare funds, residential site sales to housing providers, etc.” It all adds up to even more security and guaranteed return-of-capital plus profit for you, the investor.
6%+ Annual Payments & 70% Net Return With This U.S. Deal
  • This is an acquisition at 3500-3518 Connecticut Ave. in Washington, D.C.

  • The property is a 20,000ft2 cash-generating asset with identified “value add” upside in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in downtown D.C. The property was bought by The Firm in an off-market transaction for a price considerably lower than its true value.

  • The property is 100% leased to a mixture of 8 neighborhood retail and office tenants, most of whom have been there for 10-20 years. The property also comes with a 4,000ft2 parking lot to the rear with the potential to secure “by rights” approval for four 2,500ft2 townhouses.

  • The business plan is to secure planning for the units and sell the parking lot with development approval to a local developer.

  • The projected investment returns are very attractive:
  • 3-year investment term
  • 6%+ per year cash distributions (paid quarterly)
  • A conservative base case which provides an IRR of 20% and a net return on equity of 70%
38% Returns On A Residential
Deal In Dublin

  • This is a deal to fund the purchase of a residential development site in Dublin with full development approval already in place for 35 apartments.

  •  Co-Operative Housing Ireland, one of Ireland’s largest “approved social housing bodies” (government-approved housing providers) has agreed to buy all the completed units.

  •  The acquisition is a joint venture with a development partner (80:20 equity split). The partner undertakes all the construction and development work.

  •  The term of the investment is 21 months.

  •  The projected pre-tax preferred return to investors is 38%, or an IRR of 21%. The full return to The Firm’s investors has priority over the development partner receiving any profit.

  •  The Firm summarizes: “The above investment is very attractive given the expert joint venture partner, development approval already received, no construction cost overrun risks, and an agreed purchaser for all the units already in place. It’s a short investment term with an excellent return.”
“A Profit Opportunity Every 2 Weeks”
Every deal is unique.

It could be any kind of real estate—as long as the returns match the kind of returns clients expect.

As the investor, all you have to do is be ready with your capital…

How much do you need to invest in a deal? Investors typically put in at least $100,000.

You’ll receive a personal communication whenever a new deal becomes available…

Once the capital needed for each project is reached (it could be within days), the deal closes.

That’s why all I’m giving you today are examples of the opportunities on offer, along with all the information you need to join this “insider group.”

You see, I can’t bring you a specific deal… because that deal will mostly likely be closed by the time you read this.

The good news is that deals come along very regularly…

In fact, you could have access to deals like these every two weeks—up to 30 deals a year.
Join The Insiders’ Circle
Because of my connections, I have been able to secure access to The Firm—and their deals—for members of my Simon Letter service.

Becoming a client of The Firm is completely FREE for Simon Letter members. Once you are a Simon Letter member, no other charges apply.
What is Simon Letter?

I started this service over a decade ago to keep track of worldwide investment trends and to bring my readers opportunities from my global network of contacts.

Opportunities that readers simply could not find anywhere else.

Put simply, Simon Letter is an intelligence service for serious investors and global thinkers, like you.

Simon Letter might be the most powerful wealth-building and wealth-protection tool you could have in your arsenal…

In the past 12 months alone, members have benefitted from intelligence like:

  • The “No Stocks” Portfolio: Boost Your Retirement—With These 3 Easy-To-Buy, Easy-To-Sell Hard Assets

  • Properties Discounted 20% Off (Or More)—Exclusive Access To Foreclosures

  • Art Investments Starting At $3,000

  • Secret Opportunities Of Wine Investing

  • How To Comfortably Retire At 62 With $100,000 In Savings And $1,000 In Social Security

  • Our Annual Tax Guide For Americans Living, Investing, And Doing Business Overseas

  • Protect Yourself From Frivolous Lawsuits… The Best Countries (And Methods) For Privacy And Asset Protection Right Now

  • The Simon Letter Global Survival Index: Which Countries Will Survive The Next War… Climate Crisis… And Economic Peril

  • Citizenship By Investment: How To Choose The Right Country For You

  • How To Get A European Passport By Living In The Caribbean

  • The Real Story Behind Portugal’s Golden Visa Ban

  • “Midwest With A Twist”: Latin America’s Quiet And Stable Farmland Haven

  • The Age Of AI Is Here… This Is How It Could Harm Your Wealth (And What To Do About It)
 The Simon Letter Track Record 
Since 2012, Simon Letter has brought investors like you opportunities you won’t read about anywhere else.

With a global view—and my worldwide network of contacts—every month we help readers boost their portfolios… and prepare for the shocks to come.

I’m a real estate investor, but Simon Letter is not just about real estate. It’s about investments “off the beaten track.” It’s about wealth protection strategies (and lifestyle protection strategies) you certainly won’t hear from your broker… like getting a second passport, setting up offshore corporations, and using tax havens (legally).

My first experience with living and investing abroad was in Ireland 25 years ago.

Since then, I’ve invested in real estate in 24 countries… launched and operated businesses in 7 countries… obtained residency in 4 countries… opened more than 25 bank accounts overseas … educated my children in 4 countries… and obtained a second passport.

The global investor lifestyle I cover in Simon Letter is, quite simply, my everyday life.

Why do I believe investors need a global outlook and perspective?

There is always opportunity somewhere in the world, even in times of global crisis.

In one of the very first Simon Letter issues, right before Barack Obama was re-elected president, I wrote that investing offshore has allowed me not to worry about U.S. politics—no matter who is president. The same is true today.

Over the years, some of the important topics we’ve covered include:

  • How To Protect Your Privacy After Edward Snowden Revealed The Government Was Spying On Everyone

  • What’s The Point Of Bitcoin?

  • The Inside Story Of How Greece Stayed In The Euro

  • Why Venezuela Is Collapsing

  • Reporting On The Launch Of China’s “One Belt, One Road” Initiative—Their Plan To Put Developing Nations In Debt To Them

  • What The “War On Cash” Means For Your Wallet—The Rise Of Central Bank Digital Currencies

  • The Crisis Opportunities Created By COVID

The Simon Letter track record speaks for itself.

Every month in Simon Letter, you’ll build on your knowledge and identify the opportunities you’d like to act on… 

Best of all, you’ll have the contact information at hand for the experts who can help you make it happen.

In other words, Simon Letter is unrivalled.
 Here’s What Simon Letter Members Have To Say… 
 “I have subscribed to many newsletters that fall short of the practical information that I need. Simon Letter is everything promised and much more. I do not want to miss even one issue.” 
--R.J., United States
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 “You're my favorite newsletter writer. I really enjoy what you put out. Maybe because it never sounds like hype--which I hate!” 
--A.K., Panama 
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 “I like it that you don't try to use scare tactics like some do. Thanks again!” 
--O.L., Canada 
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 “The simplicity of explaining the financial landscape has made your publication a personal favorite read. Thank you!” 
--C.K., Mexico 
Do Not Miss Your Chance For 100% Profits
I think you can see why Simon Letter and The Firm are a perfect match.

And I think you might be beginning to understand why The Firm has opened up its deals to Simon Letter readers—something they’ve never done before.

Simon Letter members are serious, savvy investors with an international perspective and a keen eye for opportunity.

Today, I’m inviting you to join us.

You’ll instantly receive access to this report…
Earn 100% Profits With The People Behind 4 Billion Dollars Of Real Estate

You’ll discover exactly how to access and profit from exclusive deals like:

  • 100% pre-tax profits by investing in housing

  • 10% per year returns for contributing to developer loans

  • 6%+ annual cash distributions and 75%+ pre-tax profits from investing in neighborhood retail
And, remember, this is a completely turn-key income opportunity.

You don’t have to do anything special to get in on these deals. You just need to be ready to act.

The report includes contact information for my personal contact at the firm… who is waiting for you to get in touch.
Of course, as a Simon Letter member, you’ll also get a new Simon Letter issue delivered direct to your inbox every month, featuring intelligence and opportunities you won’t find anywhere else. Stories like:

  • Properties With 20% Off (Or More)—Exclusive Access To Foreclosures In Panama
  • Secret Opportunities Of Investing In Collectibles And Other “Odd” Assets
  • Our Annual Tax Guide For Americans Living, Investing, And Doing Business Overseas
  • The Best Countries (And Methods) For Privacy And Asset Protection Right Now
  • How To Get A European Passport By Living In The Caribbean
As well as your monthly Simon Letter issue, you’ll receive my twice-weekly Offshore Living Letter dispatch.
You’ll also have access to my “Little Black Book.” My Rolodex that lists my personal contacts in 26 countries… including CEOs, company Vice Presidents, Founders, bankers, attorneys, and brokers…

These are all people that you can reach out to directly—and that can help you get the inside track when it comes to your investments…

And as a new member, I’ll also send you a copy of my exclusive briefing paper, “The Simon Letter Sovereignty Plan.”

This special briefing will show you exactly how you can use my network of contacts to discover a level of personal freedom (and wealth) you likely never thought possible…
This briefing includes details of all my current recommendations to my Simon Letter readers…

… including a way you can invest with your IRA outside the United States

… a way to own productive land with a long-term 1,267% ROI

… and a unique wealth-growth opportunity in Switzerland...
Other so-called experts in the offshore investing world haven’t spent anything like the time “in the arena” that I have.

Other offshore experts—who don’t have anything like my experience—are out there charging six-figure retainers.

Or charging you $1,000 or more per year to access their newsletters…

I want the services I provide to be available to ordinary investors.

But make no mistake… the opportunity I’m presenting to you today could be life-changing.

What price could you put on learning how to get a European passport without ever setting foot in Europe…?

Or discovering a tax “loophole” that would make IRS agents blush? (Just one legal loophole I know of will allow you and your partner to net $253,000 tax-free.)

What price could you put on a secret opportunity to double your money…?

As a Simon Letter member, this is the kind of “insider intelligence” you’ll receive every month.

Today, I’m inviting you to join me “in the room” where the best deals are made… the deals those on the outside never even get to see.

I could charge $1,000+ per year for this service.

But because I genuinely believe these are life-changing opportunities… I’m not going to charge anything like that price.

For just $147 $97, you can become a Simon Letter member today.
You’ll receive instant access to the report that explains how to profit with the investment firm you’ve never heard of…

You’ll receive the name and contact information for my insider at The Firm…

You’ll receive 12 months of Simon Letter issues…

You’ll receive Offshore Living Letter twice weekly…

Plus, you’ll get my Little Black Book (my personal Rolodex of contacts)…

And my e-book, The Simon Letter Sovereignty Plan
But that’s not all...

Every new Simon Letter member who joins our little group today, will get access to a Private Investor Call with The Firm I’ve been telling you about.

Not only will you receive a detailed report outlining how you can take advantage of profit opportunities with this firm…

Not only will you receive all my other reports PLUS 12 months of Simon Letter

I will also personally introduce you to my contact at The Firm on a call with your fellow members.

You will hear about The Firm’s latest deals—straight from the source. And you’ll be able to ask any questions you like…

You’ll receive details of this Private Investor Call direct to your email once you become a member.
I urge you to act fast. Because at this price… I can’t keep this offer open for long.
Stay diversified,
Lief Simon
Editor, Simon Letter

P.S. Remember: These are opportunities you simply will not hear about anywhere else.

No one else, that I know of, has access to the network of contacts that I do—giving us the chance to profit from killer deals like those on the table in Ireland.

Firms like this Irish firm work with me and only me because they know the experience I bring to the table… and they know my readers are serious investors who will not pass up a “sure thing.”
I look forward to welcoming you to Simon Letter.

P.P.S. You have enough risk facing you every day. I don’t want to add to that. So, your subscription to Simon Letter comes with my personal Money Back Guarantee.

And, no matter what, you get to keep your free copy of Earn 100% Profits With The People Behind 4 Billion Dollars Of Real Estate forever. Get the full details on your risk-free subscription when you click below…

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